Moving is a process that requires more than one person. Therefore, hiring a moving company often is necessary. So you are going to looking for an affordable moving company. But if you don’t know where to start your search, you are in the right place! We are USA Moving Reviews and we will help you find the best match for your needs. Not only that movers must be professional but also you need to make sure a moving company is legitimate. As you looking for high-quality movers, you are ready to invest your money for this kind of service. Nonetheless, you don’t want to waste your money and time anyway. Stay careful because you don’t want to become a victim of fraudulent movers.

Make sure a moving company is legitimate

No matter if you are looking for a local, long-distance or overseas mover. It is equally important for you to choose a legitimate moving company in every case. Despite the distance, you will find the mover that satisfies all your standards on our site. Reading this article will help you to get the best advice. Moreover, don’t hesitate for a long time and contact usOur team of moving experts is here to remind you of the traits of legitimate moving companies. But also, we are here to highlight signs of moving scam you must skip.

Make sure a moving company is legitimate
Don’t sign anything before you make sure a moving company is legitimate.

Request a free estimate to make sure a moving company is legitimate

The first sign that the moving company could be a scam is a lack of ability to give you an estimate. If they trying to skip giving you an estimate of the cost of moving, don’t hire them. If the only option is oral or telephone assessment, stay persistent in request about the in-home estimate. Even if you got a recommendation that they could provide you with a cheap move. Reliable and affordable and legitimate movers can offer you a free moving quote. Submit your request and you will get Free Moving Quote. This is one of the most important steps of the entire moving process. Not only for your budget but also for your peace and calm.

Two person holding pens
You can ask a question about every misunderstanding about an estimate.

Why is a free estimate so important to make sure a moving company is legitimate?

Moving companies must perform an in-person inspection of your home. Accordingly to estimate, to provide you with a free quote prior to booking your move. The Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires moving companies to perform a free, on-site estimate. Any moving company that quotes you a firm price without on-site estimate your items is not to be trusted.

Are they online?

You can’t find any mention of a would-be moving company online? Unfortunately, consider it a red flag and a possible moving scam. If movers visiting your house showed no identification and were not wearing uniforms, this is could be a trap. Also if a truck showing no logos and moving company names, it is very suspicious.

Are they properly licensed and insured?

The legitimate moving company must be licensed and insured. Before hiring movers, ensure that they satisfy all required standards. The lack of a license and insurance could be a sign of moving fraud.

Check the Reviews

The fastest way to find out if a company is reliable is to check reviews. Take time and get ready to investigate. Research online on specialized sites like Yelp and Nextdoor. But you can also ask neighbors, close friends, and coworkers for recommendations.

Are they certified?

Certified moving companies must have a U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) number. Check the company’s USDOT number online to ensure the company is legitimate and registered at FMCSA. It is a way to confirm and make sure a moving company is legitimate. Unquestionably, it is always recommended to hire a certified moving company. You can also access certification information through the Better Business Bureau.

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