Are you considering moving to the US for a long time ago? We must admit that is a great idea. Because America can offer a lot to people. While deciding where to put down roots, many factors are in the eye of the beholder, such as climate, politics, or proximity to extended family. Other aspects are desirable by nearly everybody and we will mention them. Those are affordable housing, access to well-paying jobs, a low cost of living, good public schools, and quality healthcare. In its ranking of the best places to live in America for 2019, U.S. News & World Report gathered data on these important components for more than 100 US cities. As professionals, USA Moving Reviews are here to help you choose between the best places to live in the US. You are in the right place so enjoy reading this article.

Best Places to Live in the US

Seattle, Washington – one of the best places to live in the US

It is amazing how Seattle looks like it’s stuck between water and mountains. The biggest city in the Pacific Northwest has a diverse population and a surplus of public parks. But also plenty of leafy residential neighborhoods on surrounding hills. Its residents are drawn to the area for its atmosphere of “calm and patience” and its proximity to nature. If you are looking for top cities for students, Seattle is a perfect choice. Even if you look for jobs in Seattle you are in the right place. You will find job opportunities in tech, healthcare, and maritime industries. But the city is also a huge manufacturing center for companies like Boeing.

Best places to live in the US
Seattle is one of the most beautiful cities.

San Francisco, California

It is an incredible city and a popular place to move to. San Francisco is more expensive than the famous New York City. Local experts describe this city in many interesting ways. The heart of the bohemian lifestyle, the epicenter of the LGBT rights movement are some descriptions. But also and the launching point of the technology era. In the last decade, thousands of tech companies have raced to set up shop in the Bay Area, sending the cost of living through the roof. But despite all the focus on the tech and startup scene, the city also has plenty of business jobs available with more than 30 international finance headquarters.

The Golden gate bridge
You will be in love with amazing views in San Francisco.

Minneapolis – St. Paul, Minnesota

St. Paul, Minnesota’s capital, offers residents a historic atmosphere with parks, government offices, and museums. People living in Minneapolis -St. Paul has access to a wealth of cultural and culinary opportunities and all of which vary by season. We highly recommend you live in Minneapolis. If you are looking for the best places to raise a family, Minnesota is a great place for you, indeed. Here you will have an opportunity to raise your children in a friendly and polite community. Above all, Minnesota is ranked as the second-best state to raise a family in the US. Not only offers various job opportunities but also this state offers steady incomes. Additionally, you will be surprised by the good living standard and friendly people. Unquestionably, Minnesota is one of the best places to live in the US.

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