When it comes to packing antique belongings – you need to be extra careful. Simply, these items are much more sensitive and they need some additional steps in order to keep them safe. Usually, we are very attached to these belongings since they are usually family heirlooms. So, this is the moment when you should look for and make sure that you use only high-quality packing materials. If you decide to pack antique items on your own without the help of professional movers – you can do it, but you need to follow some of our great tips and tricks that will help you!

How to start the process of packing antique belongings?

Well before the packing, you need to create an inventory list of all of your antique belongings. We know that moving itself is stressful enough, and moving expensive items can be even more stressful. That is why it is important to create an exact list with all of the items, with the exact measurements. You should start with the bigger items and slowly move to smaller items. Also, a great thing that you can do that can help you later is to take pictures of all the items before you pack them. If you are selling your old home, and you need to store them before the move – make sure to catalog all of the pictures in case of any damage.

Person writing in a notebook.
An inventory list of your antique belongings will help you a lot

Make sure to get official appraisals

So, there is one more step before you start packing your antique items. If you have some expensive and rare items – you need to get them appraised. You can look at the American Society of Appraisers because you will find a lot of useful information. This step is important in case there is any damage during the relocation and you need to get compensation. This is quite a simple step, yet people tend to forget it. You need to hire a reliable appraiser or a bank official to get an appraisal, and after that, you can be calm. Even if something happens – you are insured.

You should consider additional insurance

So before you dive into your checklist for the move, you should consider adding the additional insurance for your antique items. You should check what is included in the contract that you made with the moving company. Every moving company offers some type of insurance, but make sure that you got the right one for your valuable items. If you are moving interstate, there are two options. The first one is Released Value and the second one is the Full Value Protection. You should contact your state’s Office of the Attorney general and check what laws are applicable in your state. Also, you can always consider a third-party insurer.

Make sure to get high- quality packing materials for packing antique belongings

We know that relocation itself is expensive. Especially if you are moving long-distance and you want to hire only the best long distance moving companies. But, trying to save some money on packing materials is not the solution. If you are moving antique belongings you need to be extra careful and make sure to hire only the best professionals to handle the relocation. But also, you need to make sure that you get the high-quality moving materials. These materials will make sure that your valuable items do not get damaged, so do not try to save on them.

Stacked moving boxes.
You need to use high-quality packing materials

Wrapping is the most important process when it comes to packing antique items

When it comes to packing antique belongings – wrapping is the most important task. And this is the moment when you need to apply a lot of tips and tricks, especially if you are packing something delicate like fine china. So, the rules for wrapping are simple. If you are packing porous stuff such as antique books or artwork – you should use non-acidic archival tissue. In case you are packing glassware or wood, you need to use either foam or stretch wrap. Edges and corners are the most important and make sure to wrap them good, so they can not get damaged. You need to be extra careful when you are wrapping them, so you can avoid any possible damage.

Make sure you add protective shell

Once you are done wrapping your antique belongings, you need to add a protective shell. This means that you should make sure to get wooden crates that will save all of your valuable items. The ideal solution is to hire professional packers who will be able to handle this much better than you. Simply, they have experience and they can provide you with really high-quality packing materials.

Make sure there is no empty space when you are packing antique belongings

So, once you have finished wrapping all of your antique belongings, now comes the packing itself. The most important thing is to make sure that there is no empty space inside of the moving boxes. You can fill that space with different things – from crunched newspaper to packing peanuts. You need to make sure once you are done packing your antique items that they can not move inside of the box. This is important since this is something that will stop any damage from happening. it can be expensive to buy so much packing peanut and packing materials, but as we mentioned – you should not try to save on these items. There are a lot of other ways to save money when relocating.

PAcking peanuts.
Packing peanuts will ensure that there is no empty space in the moving box

Make sure to label boxes properly

it is rather important to make sure to label the boxes correctly. You need to mark the boxes that contain anything that is fragile. You should use a permanent marker, and make sure that it is clearly visible from any side that the box contains something fragile. Labeling will help you later when you are unpacking. You will stay organized, and you will know which boxes to pay additional attention to.

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