Relocating a home is a tedious and stressful process. Even if you have friends and family helping, still there is a chance for unfortunate events. On top of it all, you can hire a moving company to handle everything. And still, fall a victim to a game of chance. Therefore, it is wise to have a proper moving plan and to prepare up front. We bring you an article that will make you aware of moving mistakes and how to avoid them.

Be aware of moving mistakes and minimize the risk

Moving plan and a moving checklist are something you should make as soon as you know your moving date. Ideally, you’ll have at least 3 weeks to cover everything before the moving date is upon you. This will give you some time to forge a plan and work on the logistics. It is important not to hasten things. Tackle tasks one by one starting with your helpers. Call your friends and relatives and check on their schedule. Also, check with your neighbors, who will be available on your moving date. Next is to set a moving budget. This will be your guide to know how much you can spend. Be ready to lighten your purse and pay for moving services, packing materials, and any hidden costs if need be. With a bit of research and a word of mouth recommendations, you’ll be able to find an affordable moving company.

And finally, report to your boss on time and take days off so you can move without any obligations. While you are at it, check the weather for the week of your move. You do not want to move during a rain unprepared. Hence, you should stock up on protective garments used for snowy and rainy weather. All mentioned should be on your assembled moving checklist and you’ll be aware of moving mistakes you want to dodge.

Girl with a planner in her hands
Make a good plan and a moving checklist

Pro-packing for maximum safety

Packing is usually a great time consumer and a boring one as well. But you should be aware of moving mistakes that can come as a result of improper packing. That is why you need to do it properly. Firstly, go to your local utility store and supply yourself with packing materials. You’ll need some packing paper and packing tape, as well as a box cutter or scissors, and moving boxes. Yes, a lot of moving boxes of all shapes and sizes. You will find them at your local grocery store. Then, pack room by room and secure your boxes with padding and improvised cushion. Use old blankets, clothes, and rags as a bottom for boxes that will contain fragile items. And finally, disassemble your furniture and big items. Label everything and place in one room for easier access.

Just be mindful of the surroundings. Inspect and measure your hallways and stairs. You want to be sure that everything can reach the loading dock without any obstacles. The way from your house to the moving truck must be clear so no one would stumble and injure themselves. And lastly, you shouldn’t forget that everything we just mentioned can be done by a professional moving company. There are different kinds of moving assistance options that you can book.

Be aware of moving mistakes if you don't want any broken items
Pay special attention when packing fragile items

Hire a moving company you can trust

If you are thinking of hiring a reputable moving company, there are a few things you should know. Before you decide and make a pick, you need to do a bit of research. Go online or check your local newspaper and browse several different websites. Check all the options and services they provide. Read positive and negative reviews from the comment section on their website. Most important is not to pick the first moving company you find. Some of the moving companies do not operate legally and they are lacking business license or proper moving equipment. Simply make a list of at least five different moving companies and give them a call or schedule a visit. This way you will avoid fraudulent movers.

Also, your options will be slim if you are trying a last-minute booking. Most trusted and experienced moving companies are booked solid, months in advance. So, be sure to give them a call as soon as you know your moving date.

Safety of your belongings

  • No matter how good we are at packing, some items are just destined to break. There is a very slim chance for your cargo to reach its destination intact. Therefore, to protect your glassware and your grandma’s china, you should take extra measures.
  • Theft or misplacement – To avoid unpleasantries such as theft, be sure to have the copy of an inventory list. Oversee the whole process of truck loading and unloading. You do not want a box gone missing for any reason.
  • Moving services – Check out the moving services moving companies provide. You can book services for packing and unpacking. Or extra manpower and proper tools for heavy furniture and robust items. Moving companies are experienced in handling delicate items and they will handle it with special care.
  • Insurance – Consider purchasing moving insurance. Some of the companies will reimburse a portion of the damages, so be sure to check the offer. To buy full coverage, maybe it’s better to seek insurance with the 3rd party such as a dedicated insurance company.
  • Moving contract – While signing a moving contract, be wise and read it a couple of times. You need to be sure that you understand what you are buying. Read the fine print on the bottom of each contract and do not hesitate to ask if something is unclear. Be aware of moving mistakes because they can come in a form different from injuries and physical damages.
People making agreement
Read the moving contract before you sign it

Take care of yourself as well

It is ok to think of the safety of your family and everyone involved in the heavy lifting. But do not neglect yourself and your needs. To maintain health and positive attitude on your moving day you need to relax and take a deep breath. You should eat healthier, drink more fluids and have a good night sleep at least one week before moving. This way you’ll keep your energy levels high and be ready for anything. Also, do not attempt anything unusual. If you are willing to help but you never handled heavy lifting before, thinks twice. Maybe it is better to let professional movers do the work while you find some other useful way to contribute.

There we go. Now you know more about how to be aware of moving mistakes. Basic tips and tricks will for sure come in handy once you begin with your movement planning. Do not to forget to take a break and think for a second. Moving process is often stressful and full of surprises. Hopefully, this article will raise awareness and help with your moving project. We wish you a safe and pleasant relocation.

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