When you have to choose your new city, that can seem like the hardest thing to do when moving. You have to change your old city, so you definitely know that you have to move. But do you know where? Making that decision will give you a whole new level of anticipation and excitement for the relocation process. Here’s what you should know before you take the leap.

What is the first place that comes to your head?

Make a list and write down a couple of cities, regions or states that come to your mind. Then write down the reasons why you would like to live there. It will give you a perspective on your priorities and tell you what to focus on when choosing your new city.

Size of the city

If you are in your twenties, you’d probably prefer living in a large city with a lot of events. If you’re older than that, you might want to walk the more peaceful streets of a smaller town. Los Angeles or downtown Manhattan might not be an option when you choose your new city in that case. A mix of those two is also possible, especially for people in their thirties or forties. In that case, a small town in close proximity of a larger city might be just what you need. A larger city would give you access to the cultural scene, while also giving you the feeling of living in a quiet neighborhood.


Weather is a factor that a lot of people don’t usually consider when they choose their new city. It can have a great impact on our health and happiness. Some people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, experiencing depression related to rain and cold. If your health requires a certain type of weather, be sure to take that into the equation. Someone can handle cold weather throughout the whole year. Other people prefer to feel warm all year long. What about the amount of rain or snow that you can live with? Be sure to look up the average temperatures, precipitation levels, and air pollution before moving.

Outdoor activities

Woman riding a bike in a park
Outdoor activities are very important to most people


A lot of people need a good number of outdoor activities to consider a city a good place for living. Parks, beaches, trees, and rivers can make your new life much better. However, that doesn’t matter very much if you don’t like the weather and if the city is too polluted.


You probably don’t want to be a single person in their twenties surrounded by married people with kids. Or retired person living among college kids and noisy nightlife. If you’re a student, you should check out the top cities for students in the USA. Also, there are several questions to ask that will give you a better knowledge of the demographics.

  • What’s the age of the average resident?
  • How many people of your age live there? This is maybe the most important demographics related question to ask when choosing your new city.
  • Are there a lot of families?
  • What happens during the summer or winter holidays?

Lifestyle and Priorities

What is the main reason for you leaving your old city? See if you will be able to have that in a couple of cities on your list.  If you like spending time outdoors, Portland seems like a more reasonable choice than New York. If you like going out, visiting clubs or museum, San Fransisco or New York might be a good idea. Some people choose to move to New York for education. In the end, it depends on your priorities.

People crossing the street in San Francisco
You can choose San Francisco as your new city, but does it have what you need?

Looking for a Fresh Start

Is it hard leaving your friends and relatives? Then you might want to consider choosing among a couple of cities close to them. However, if you’re looking for a fresh start, you’ll have more cities to choose from. That will give you a better chance to find a suitable job opportunity.

Choose Your New City Based on Financial Aspects

This is reasonably one of the most important factors for some people. The same amount of money can get you quite far in some cities, while in others, it doesn’t make much difference.

A person counting money
Purchasing power is one of the things to consider when you choose your new city

What About Your Job?

Do you want to relocate your office to your new city? If that’s the case, there are professionals to help you move your business facility with ease. Other people, however, are enticed by the job offers available in larger cities. So, if you aren’t leaving your old city for a new job, you will probably have to find one. You might want to consider places where you have an established professional or social network. Be sure to check out the job market and the average income. You should also get informed on job offers and do research on the companies in your field.

The Cost of Living

Moving to the city with a lower cost of living might significantly improve the quality of your life. The less money you spend on groceries, the more you would have for cultural activities or entertainment. Also, keep in mind that most people sacrifice their living space to move to cities with a higher cost of living. You can get the best of moving into a small apartment if you know how to do it. However, housing is not the only thing to consider:

  • prices of real estates (buying or renting)
  • price of groceries
  • entertainment
  • transportation fee

You’ve Chosen the City, Now What?

You needed to choose your new city and you did it, now what? Now you need to deal with moving.  After that, there’s your new life waiting for you just a bit further along the road. In the end, what matters is your happiness. So, it is up to you to make your city your new home. Once you make an educated decision, tell yourself that it’s the best possible choice for you. That way there’s no doubt that it truly is.



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