Moving is a challenging and stressful time, especially if you are relocating abroad. It’s essential to find the best international moving companies that can safely transport all your possessions. If you are wondering how to find movers who will take care of the relocation tasks, we have the answers.

What are the main aspects to consider?

Before researching the best international moving companies, it’s important to make a list of main aspects which dictate your choice. This will help you filter your options and find the best fit for you.

  • Destination: Where are you moving from and to? Check whether a particular moving company provides services in that area.
  • Urgency: Do you have a particular moving date? The majority of professional movers are very busy during the summer months and at the weekends. If you have the luxury to choose your moving date, pick an off-season period when they are more available and even cheaper.
  • Special services: Do you need a special type of service? Are you moving with pets? Are there any items that the movers won’t take? What about shipping valuable or delicate items such as jewelry, artwork, electronics?
moving boxes with care
Inform your movers if you are shipping items that require particular care abroad

Where to start?

An international move can be an expensive and tiring experience. That is why your first step should be calculating your budget. This will help you skim through the companies and select the affordable ones. You can accelerate the whole process by calculating the approximate moving cost yourself. However, you should always get a moving estimate before choosing a particular company. Make sure you understand all the negotiated terms and conditions, charges for extra services and final moving cost, as well as a time frame of your move. Check if storage is included in the price and what are your storage options. Even though the cost is definitely an important factor when moving internationally, safety, efficiency, and reliability are even more important.

Good preparation is the key when searching for best international moving companies

An international move is something that should never be rushed. Thorough research is an essential part of finding the best international moving companies.  The earlier you start the research, the easier it will be to find a reliable company that suits all your needs. It is a good idea to make a to-do list that will help you figure out exactly what you should be doing before and during the move. Search the Internet for reviews, check Better Business Bureau rating, comments on specialized websites, etc.

These resources can help you make a more informed decision. Always do the background check and make sure the company you select has a proper license. Licensed movers offer insurance and will handle your belongings with care. Ask your chosen international movers about the extent of insurance they provide. You can even consider buying additional insurance, if necessary. Beware of fraudulent moving companies, who offer lower process but you risk potential damage or theft.

researching best international moving companies
Do a thorough research when searching for best international moving companies

Get recommendations for best international moving companies

Include recommendations and referrals from friends and family in your research. It’s very likely that they know someone who moved internationally and can offer good advice. This will save you time because there is nothing like hands-on experience. Make sure to ask about punctuality, customer service, level of experience, facilities for tracking, whether there was a difference between initial estimate and final cost, and insurance they provide. Also, check who will provide the service at the other end, that is, who will be the international mover that delivers the services at the final destination. Lots of stress can be avoided if you pick the right movers.

Look for experienced international movers

The majority of companies you contact will try to convince you they can arrange an international move, but unless they have a lot of experience in that area you should take it with a pinch of salt. The company who will coordinate and execute your move should be familiar with the customs formalities and regulations for the country of your destination. Although it’s not always possible to give the exact time frame, best international moving companies will be able to give you a good estimate of how long the shipping process will take. Also, reputable movers will inform you about the anticipated charges such as fees and customs, as well as the necessary documentation. Each country has its own laws for what goods can be imported and which taxes will be applied.

What should you ship?

Home movers usually pack the belongings themselves, but if you don’t want to be bothered, many moving companies will offer a professional packing service at an extra cost. When it comes to packing, bear in mind that it might be a better idea to buy items like furniture when you arrive in your new home. Airfreight can be expensive since the price is based on the weight of the items.

Don’t waste money shipping things if you can purchase them later on. The size and type of your new home, as well as the purpose of your relocation, will determine which items to take with you. Make an inventory list of things you will bring into your new house and save time when packing. And, don’t forget to bring moving essentials box, which will be your survival kit before the rest of your belongings arrive or get unpacked at your new place.

pack and label boxes properly
Carefully pick items that you are going to ship and save time when packing

Moving abroad is one of the most enrichening and mind-opening experiences. You will have the opportunity to explore a new culture, tradition, and lifestyle. But, before you start enjoying your new home, there are many important decisions to make and tasks to complete. One of them is researching the best international moving companies and finding the one which fits all your needs. Gather all the relevant information, prepare properly and find reliable movers who will take care of your possessions.

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