Relocating all of your belongings from the current home to your new residence may not be the easiest task. In case you have a big home or a large family, you probably have to pack a lot of stuff. In those cases, it is important to keep track of all of your belongings while moving. When you accomplish this task you will be able to pack and relocate as professional movers. Keep reading and find out how to know your moving inventory and relocate without stress.

How to prepare for doing inventory

The best way to start doing your inventory, you have to organize. If you don’t organize your belongings you will lose countless hours until you finish doing your inventory. Make sure to have to a good system when handling your belongings. To do that consider first sorting throw the items you have.

books on shelves
Before making your moving inventory list, make sure to sort out your belongings first.

You can save a lot of money on your move if you get rid of the items you don’t need anymore. The items you can easily replace should be to add weight to your moving cargo.  Yor movers may calculate your moving costs depending on the weigh of your shipment. That is why you should put aside each item that you don’t need. You can save even more money if you sell the thing you no longer need. In case you don’t have time to sell everything online, you can organize a garage sale. That way you will be able to sell all of your belongings in a day or two.

To save even more money on your relocation, make sure to find the best movers in New York and ask for the list of items they won’t relocate. Most movers won’t transport certain items because they are forbidden by law or they can damage other items during transport. When you movers give you the list, make sure to dispose of those items too before you start doing your inventory. Forbidden items may include:

  • Food
  • Hazardous materials
  • Plants
  • Ammunition, guns, and explosives
  • Machines that use fuel or gas
  • Important personal documents
  • Items of high value

The right time to start doing your moving inventory is after you get rid of all the items you no longer need.

How to create the detailed moving inventory list

You will succeed in making your moving inventory if you take time and systematically approach the process. Make sure to stay organized while you go through your home and catalog everything you are moving. The best way to create your detailed moving inventory lists is to go room by room and log items in each. It may seem tedious by making your inventory lists has numerous benefits.

glasses on the table
Keep in mind to label breakable items before packing.

Keep in mind that most moving companies make the inventory lists for your relocation. They will present it to you while loading and unloading. The moving list serves as a receipt and it shows what they are responsible for. In case loss or damage happens during transport, you may need to make a claim. That is why it is important you have your own list so you can compare and verify the list that your moving and storage Florida professionals present. Your moving inventory list will help you determine if any items are missing after you unpack.

When handling your moving inventory make sure to sort out the items belonging to each room. While in each room, make sure to label the items or big furniture pieces. Make sure to note the condition of each item especially if you use professional movers to transport your belongings. After you ask your movers for the official moving quote, they will make sure your movers will handle your belongings with care. But sometimes damages happen and you have to make a claim to get a refund. In that case, your moving inventory list will be helpful.

While you make your lists, you shouldn’t go overboard and go into too many details. That can be too time-consuming. The best way to note the condition of your valuable items is to take pictures.

Benefits of doing your moving inventory

One of the biggest benefits that come from doing your moving inventory is that you will know which type of insurance policy is the best option for your move. On a moving day, consider having your list with you in case you have to check boxes or certain items. The list helps you save valuable time and concentrate on other aspects of the move. On the other hand, the moving inventory list is proof of ownership in case you have to make the insurance claim. In the end, the list will simplify your life because you may use your records for insurance, real estate planning, tax, and legal issues.

Your moving inventory list can be valuable even after the move. In case of a disaster, fire or a flood, the list will help you convince the insurance company to cover your costs. That is why you should find a reputable moving company.

Your moving inventory list can be valuable in case you have to make the insurance claim.

While relocating, you may need to rent a house or the apartment. If that happens, you future landlord may ask for the detailed inventory lists for insurance purposes. In case you are relocating your business, you can use your inventory lists to protect your assets. If that is the case, make sure to use specialized inventory software to keep up with your inventory. The list will be helpful if you are looking for the storage facilities in Florida.

Hire the best movers for your move

After you finish creating you moving inventory list, make sure to find the best New Jersey movers for your relocation. Ask them for advice when doing your inventory. Professional movers will give you advice and help you understand why doing moving inventory is important and helpful, even for them.

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