Hiring reliable movers are the most important part of a successful relocation. But it is not a secret that there are people who post as movers and try to cheat you into giving up money or your valuables. These fraudulent movers can create a moving experience from hell for you and your family. That is why you should be very careful when finding the right local movers in New York for the move. Here are some tips and tricks on recognizing fraudulent movers and their tactics in time to prevent problems while moving.

Fraudulent movers don’t give out any specific information

Usually, when you contact the fraudulent moving company, they may be very polite and warm while they talk to you. Also, while they communicate, they carefully avoid giving out any detailed description of their company. They may answer your question in general terms so you are unable to point to their exact location. With vague answers, they may offer you some general information about moving. But keep in mind, they usually don’t give out any details about the whereabouts of the company and the business itself.

Fraudulent movers usually don’t give out any information about the company.

You may recognize fraudulent movers if they skillfully avoid giving out all the necessary contact information. Keep in mind that crucial information about the company is the company ID number, the official address of their offices, official web page and the exact location you can visit. Consider that the most important information you need to check the company in question it’s the company’s ID number. With few online clicks, you can visit the official government web page and check the validity of the company in question. After you put in the ID number you can see all the information about the company and if it exists at all.

Fraudulent movers may not offer the right moving quote

After you find reliable moving companies in New Jersey, they will always offer you the quote for your move. That is the estimate of the complete moving costs. But fraudulent movers have different tactics. They may offer you a quote but they will never offer to do the estimate in person or in your home. Professional movers will always offer to do just that. You can easily recognize fraudulent movers when they offer the quote over the phone and don’t offer any other options to take note of your belongings. On the other hand, you may recognize fraudulent movers if they offer suspiciously low quotes for your move.

Ask for the company’s ID number before you hire them.

Keep in mind that professional movers will always advise you do do the estimate in person at your desired address. That is the most common moving practice because your movers can get the best idea about the number and size of all the items you wish to relocate. Also, professional movers will give you the official document for a quote. They sign it and you receive a copy. That way if you decide to use their services, you may use that quote to make a contract for the exact amount stated in the document.

Recognize fraudulent movers when they ask for large deposits

Another red flag for movers you cannot trust is the large amounts of money they ask for before the moving day. They can tell you just about anything over the phone to convince you to pay the most of your moving price before they even organize the move. If you hear something that resembles this scenario, know that you are dealing with fraudulent movers.

Keep in mind that asking for large deposits before the moving day is not common moving practice. Sometimes during the busy moving season, your movers may ask for a small deposit to reserve your date for the move. Other than that, no one can ask for any larger amount before the relocation even starts.

Other signs that you are dealing with fraudulent movers

There are many things fraudulent movers may do to raise a red flag. One of them is not giving you the booklet for your interstate move. Every moving company is required to give you the official booklet of your rights and responsibilities for the move. If you don’t receive one, that may suggest that you are dealing with movers that shouldn’t be trusted.

Consider that fraudulent movers are very crafty in scamming people.

Consider that all reliable moving companies want to expand their business and attract as many customers as they can. To do that they advertise their company the best way they can by their websites, various other advertisement methods and also labels on their vehicles. On the other hand, fraudulent movers may use rental or unmarked moving trucks. Their movers may not have any logo signs or writings on their uniforms. That is one of the visual signs that the company in question may want to hide its identity.

Know you may recognize fraudulent movers if they don’t have any reviews online. Every reliable moving company will post great reviews online for every future customer to see. However, fraudulent movers usually don’t have any reviews anywhere. Consider that every reputable moving company will have reviews and comments about their services from their clients.

How to prevent falling into the trap of fraudulent movers?

It is not always easy to recognize fraudulent movers. Although, if you are careful and do your research before you find the moving company you like, you may avoid dealing with fraudulent movers altogether. To find the best moving company that suits your needs make sure you follow these tips:

  • Ask your friends and family for a referral before you start searching for movers
  • When you find the company you like try finding their office location
  • Research the company at FMCSA after you ask for the company’s ID number
  • Ask for multiple moving quotes before you hire any moving company
  • Contact your movers for the official estimate in person
  • Insist on the detailed description of the costs for the move before you sign the official contract
  • Consider getting the best insurance policy to protect your belongings during relocation
  • Read all the company’s reviews and ask for references before you make a final decision

    Reliable movers with years of experience may show you certificates and award for their work.

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