When moving to New York on a budget we all try to save money after the move is complete. With the professional moving assistance, we might have substantial moving expenses. But, there are plenty of ways to save money after you move to your new home. Here are some tips that will help you save even more after your move is complete.

Make a plan in advance

Making a plan for saving money is always the first step. Consider making the plan to save money before the move. That way you will be more ready to follow it trough after your movers bring your boxes to your new address. We all know there are some situations when we cant follow our plan exactly as we want, but we can try.

Making a money-saving plan is easy. Make sure you put on paper all current expenses. That way you will get the idea about ways to save in your situation. Following the days after the move, you might consider unpacking by yourself. Not using the professional packing service to unpack your belongings can be a big money saver. Next, to unpacking, you can do many other things to save money after the move.

hand holding a bag
Try selling items you don’t need and save after the move.

Calculate your overall expenses

After you make a plan make sure to know your overall expenses. Put everything on paper. Everything that gets money out of your pocket after the move. That may include the storage facility, the cleaning service, handyman that reassemble your furniture and puts up your shelves or even big electricity bills etc.

After you put everything on paper, make sure to order your expenses by importance. After you see which expenses are the most important like bills to pay, you may find that some of them are not that relevant. When you know all of your expenses, you will be able to get the idea about the ways you may save money. Here are some suggestions.

Sell the items you no longer use

If you are one of those people who didn’t know how to declutter before the move and you couldn’t throw away anything, you can use that to your advantage. After your move is completed, you may have a pile of items you may not need anymore.

To save money after the move, consider selling some of the items you don’t use anymore. Try selling them online using numerous online websites like eBay or Craigslist. On the other hand, if you don’t have enough time, consider hosting a garage sale. That way you will be able to sell your items in a day or two. Here are few tips:

  • Sort out all of the items while you unpack
  • Divide your clothes into categories – when you want to sort out your clothes make sure to have piles for keeping, selling online and giving it to charity
  • Go through your garage and find those items you wanted to but haven’t used for years

Reuse or sell packing materials and save money after the move

The good news after the move is that you have lots of packing boxes, packing peanuts, plastic packing wrap and other packing materials. You can use all of those packing materials, especially if they are conserved. You can sell them after the move is complete.

cleaning supplies
You will save money after the move is you clean by yourself.

Rethink your storage facility

When moving your entire home, you may need to find reliable local movers in New York to transfer your belonging. Also, they might offer various storage solutions. You use a storage facility to store the items you cannot store at your home because you lack the space. If that is your situation, make sure you know the costs of the storage facility in advance.

If you need to save money after the move, make sure you rethink that decision. Having a storage facility can add up to a lot of money. That is why you should try to get rid of the items you no longer need and make space for the items you do need. When in a situation when you need an additional storage solution, try to find the best possible combination.

To find a cheap storage solution for your items, consider the location of the storage facility. Don’t get hung up on the facility that is close to home that costs money. Consider driving a few extra miles to get to the facility that is safer and more reliable. Make sure to see the facility before you rent it and ask for the deals and special offers.

Reassemble furniture yourself

After you find the reputable moving company to relocate your belongings, they transfer your items. In case you use their packing services they will reassemble furniture. But why waste money if you can do it yourself. One of the best ways to save money after the move is to grab all the tools you need – a hammer and a screwdriver and to do the work yourself.

Reassembling furniture by yourself is easy especially when it comes to smaller furniture pieces. When you have to reassemble a bed or a sofa, you still can do it by yourself. The only difference is that you may need a little help from a friend to hold on while you work.

tools on the wall
Use basic tools to put up shelves and reassemble furniture.

Get creative

There are lots of other ways to save money after you move. Instead of hiring the professional cleaning service to clean your home, do it by yourself. All the cleaning products that you might buy won’t be as costly as the professional cleaning supplies. With a help of a friend you will do the same work as the professional cleaning crew – the only difference is that you will save more money this way. cook by yourself, On the other hand, you can set up your bookshelves by yourself. That way you might save even more than you expect after the move.

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