When moving, there will be a long list of expenses. Hiring movers, gas expenses and packing materials are just some of them. Even though they seem like small costs, when put together they make quite the number. If you want to save money when hiring movers, read some nationwide movers USA reviews. Here you will find high-quality movers for a reasonable price. But you can go further and try to save money on packing materials as well. Since you will need generous amounts, it is best to try to find them cheaper than trying to use less. They are the one thing that are keeping your items from getting damaged, so they are a must.

How to save money on packing materials?

When talking about packing materials, we mostly mean moving boxes. They are certainly not the only packing materials that you will need, but things like bubble wrap and packing paper can mostly be found just for one price. If you read some cross country movers reviews, you will find good movers, and those movers mostly sell packing supplies as well. But moving boxes can be found in many different places. If you want to save money on packing materials, you need to:

  • Declutter first
  • Use second-hand boxes
  • Make use of containers you already have
Picture of a piggy bank
If you save money on packing materials, you can spend it on something else

Declutter first

If you have fewer items to pack, you will also need fewer packing materials. You need to do this before you even get some free moving quotes. If you have a large number of items that you don’t need, why would you pay more to transport them and for the packing supplies to pack them? Everything that you haven’t used in the past year, get rid of. You don’t want excess items in your new home, creating clutter and making you feel stressed. Throw away, sell or donate the items you don’t need, and you will travel lighter.

Use second-hand boxes

Before we start with this tip, we need to make something clear first. If you have to move valuables you should do this with new boxes. We don’t say that second-hand boxes are bad, but they have been used before. Boxes have a lifespan, and every use weakens them. Second-hand boxes can be used for anything else, including packing clothes, kitchen appliances, and toiletries. When you pick these kinds of boxes, check them for any signs of damage.

Make use of what you have

Who says that you have to pack items in cardboard boxes? While they are the most commonly used, they are not the only option. You likely have many containers lying around your home. Suitcases, plastic bins, and toy containers all work well for packing. This way you pack both the containers and the items, without spending money.

Picture of suitcases lying on a bed
You can save money on packing materials by using containers that you already have

Conclusion on how to save money on packing materials

When you want to save money on packing materials, you will need time to plan where to get them cheaper. If you also want to find affordable, good movers, contact us so that we can help you. Hopefully, you are here on time, well ahead of your actual moving day. We wish you good luck and success in reaching your goal!


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