The moving industry is a large one. Like in every industry or business, some are not playing by the book. Moving scams are common as fraudulent companies try to take advantage of their customers by offering false services. You can connect with reliable moving companies via USA Moving Reviews but you should also learn how to protect yourself from moving scams.

How will you know if you are part of a moving scam?


First, moving scams have become common, especially for interstate moves. Knowing this, you should look for potential signs that show a moving company is not representing itself properly. Usually, if there is not much information on the company’s website or a local address and contact info, it raises suspicion. Besides, fraudulent movers don’t like to use specific company names and don’t want to come on-site for an estimate. They prefer all communication is done by phone. Also, they try to attract customers with extremely low estimates, way below market average, and almost always ask for large cash deposits.


How can you protect yourself from moving scams?


If you know what the red flags are, you will quickly spot an impostor among reputable moving companies. Some steps you can take to avoid moving scams:

  • Contact different moving companies and ask for an estimate. If some seem a lot lower than all the others, there is reason to be suspicious
  • Ask your friends and family for referrals or turn to a platform that offers customer reviews
  • Visit the company website, check their social media presence
  • Ask for everything in writing, avoid making any deals over the phone

Taking these easy steps will help you detect potential problems and hopefully dodge being a victim of a moving scam.

man and woman shaking hands
Turn to referrals, reviews, and positive customer experience to find a reliable moving company

What else can you do to ensure you have chosen a reliable moving company?


Besides the apparent company background check and asking for an estimate, you can make sure to:

  • Avoid giving the movers a cash deposit, but instead insist on paying with a credit card
  • Get in written the terms and conditions of your contract and do not sign any blank or uncompleted documents
  • Check the company’s registration number or contact your State Movers Association to find out your movers’ status
  • Ask the movers a lot of questions even though you might know the answers. Professional, experienced movers will know the answers.

By doing this, you will be sure you are doing everything to protect yourself from moving scams.

man signing a document as protection agains moving scams
Always double check everything before signing any documents


If you can’t protect yourself from moving scams, are there ways to deal with bad movers?


You might still have a negative experience with a moving company. In that case, you should first try to resolve any issues amicably and professionally. Read again the terms and conditions of your contract and know your rights and responsibilities. If the problems persist, you can always turn to American Moving and Storage Association or the relevant authorities. In the end, make sure you share your experience with others and help them avoid giving their trust to the wrong people. If you fail to protect yourself from moving scams, at least you can help others do it.

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