Every home has a lot of fragile items, Some have more than others, and they often also have sentimental value. When you got them, you probably didn’t think about moving them one day. When you are moving, fragile items internationally, you have to do a few things right. One of them would be to hire movers using some USA moving company reviews. If you do that, you would have to worry about significantly fewer things. But if you decide to do it by yourself, you need to learn some tips if you want to keep your items safe.

Tips for moving fragile items internationally

Fragile items need special attention when packed. Apart from hiring some of the best international moving companies, this is the second best thing you can do to keep your items safe. All you need to do this is patience, time, and some good tips. Some of our best advice are listed below.

  • `Use new, high-quality boxes
  • Label boxes
  • Start on time and do it slowly
  • Be generous when using packing materials
Picture of hands holding bubble wrap
Fragile items need extra attention

Use good boxes

Moving boxes are one of the most important packing supplies that protect your items. If you get second-hand, damaged boxes, they won’t do as good of a job as strong, new boxes. They might be more expensive, but they will for sure protect fragile items. Your goal here should be to keep your items in one piece, not save money. Second-hand boxes can be used to pack items like clothes.

Label boxes

There will be no use in such careful packing if your moving helpers don’t know what’s inside the boxes. You can never be too careful with fragile items, even when unloading the boxes. Once you finish packing label each side of the box visibly. This way, no matter on which side you pick up the box, the label will be visible. The most effective labeling system is the color-coded system. If you decide to do this, each room should have a designated color.

Start on time

If you don’t plan on getting free moving quotes, then you should start preparations on time. Packing fragile items take a long time if done correctly. Since you want to do this right, you need to start at least a few months before the actual move. This way you won’t feel the pressure of time, and there will be less stress.

Woman cutting bubble wrap
When moving fragile items internationally, you should use more layers of packing materials

Be generous

Don’t try to save money on other packing supplies either. Packing paper and bubble wrap are also very important when trying to protect breakable items. while you might use one layer of each for some items, fragile items are best off with a few layers of each. These materials work wonders in cushioning vibrations and shifts, which are inevitable during international transport.

Conclusion on moving fragile items internationally

Moving fragile items internationally sounds scary, but what has to be done, has to be done. Some people might not have the strength or time to do it, and if you feel like this, then you should contact us. We wish you good luck packing!


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