Putting some of your items inside a storage unit is always a good choice. Be it that you plan on moving or decluttering your home. However, there are certain regulations that need to be respected. One of them is the type of items that don’t have a place inside storage units. But what to never put in a storage unit when it comes to more common items? Here are some before you check out the nationwide movers USA reviews and find a quality moving and storage company. Overall, there are many regulations in place to stop you from putting any of the following in a unit.

Food and perishables are something you don’t want in a storage unit

Food is not something that is usually among the items to store. However, unopened canned and sealed food will have a green light when it comes to storage. On the other hand, fresh food is a big red flag for storage companies and you won’t have any place for them in units. You can look at as many cross country movers reviews as you want, but none of them will relocate such items for you. But why is food such a problem for storage companies? The smell of food will attract animals and critters. That’s something no storage company or facility wants to deal with. For that reason, it’s best to forget about storing food and perishables.

A bunch of food inside a market
What to never put in a storage unit? Food is high on the list

What to never put in a storage unit? Among them are flammables

Safety comes first. That’s an important detail to underline for yourself and for a storage company. For that reason, you won’t have any luck putting any flammable inside a storage unit. Even if you can store away your barbecue equipment, you can’t put away your propane tanks inside it. Of course, there are many ways for you to move non-allowable items in NYC and other places. But getting them into a storage unit will never be a good idea. All the liquids that are flammable will not be something any moving or storage company will allow. That’s why it’s best to avoid even trying to store acid, fertilizers, paint, gasoline, or any other liquid that is flammable.

Toxic and hazardous materials have no place inside a storage unit

Unfortunately, there are more attempts to store away toxic or hazardous materials inside a unit. More than you would imagine. However, there are certain standards that always need to be respected when you store away your belongings. Some of those items that people try to put away are biological medical waste. Make sure that you avoid fraudulent moving companies by identifying them as they will take any item you give them. There’s no company, be it moving or storage, that will allow you to put toxic materials in their facilities.

Bottles on a table
A storage unit won’t be a good place for any toxic item or liquid

Plants are not something to put inside storage space

If you love your plants, make sure that you never put them in a dark and closed space. A storage unit is just what you want to avoid for your plants. They need a lot of space, sunlight, and fresh air. It’s much better to leave your plants with your family or friends. That will be a much better option for you than putting your cherished plants inside a dark and small space. You can be sure that a BBB-approved moving and storage company will always tell you all the reasons to not store your plants. Certainly, they will not allow you to use their facilities to keep your plants in them.

Do you sometimes feel like it’s best to just cram everything up inside a unit? Even if it seems like a good idea, it’s always best to go through your belongings. Especially as you might have some that are prohibited among them. We gave you just some of the items that have nothing to do inside a storage unit. Be it that it’s because of the fact that they can be dangerous or that they don’t have the right space in a storage unit, it’s always good to know what to never put in a storage unit. It will make your job easier and help you avoid any potential problems.


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