Etiquette is part of everyday life. No matter what we do, we are following certain rules and protocols set by society. Moving is something that doesn’t happen every day, but etiquette should still be present. It is a stressful process, so people might let their emotions take the best of them. But for the same of everyone involved in the move, you need to maintain proper etiquette throughout the whole process. All of this will be easier if you read the right moving reviews – that will help you find the best movers available. No matter how you decide to move, today we will teach you everything you need to know about proper etiquette during a move.

What is an undeniable part of proper etiquette during a move?

When talking about the right kind of behavior during a move, there will be many things to cover. But when thinking about the relationships with other people, you will see that those are the ones that have the biggest impact. If you are on the lookout for the best moving company in the USA then you should also be ready to offer the best version of yourself to these people. Knowing the proper etiquette for a move is crucial, especially for the first time, but luckily, you are here.

  • Notify people about the move
  • Dont leave while being in debt
  • Offer refreshments and snacks for your movers
  • Tip your movers
  • Be ready for the big day
Picture of people shaking hands and following proper etiquette
You need to think about all the people that will be affected by your move

Notify the people that need to know about your move

Now that you have read all the cheap movers NYC reviews, it is time to start getting ready for the big day. Has it ever crossed your mind that you will need to inform people of your move, and not as a celebration invitation? Your move will impact many, including your landlord, neighbors, and utility providers. If you are living in a rented apartment, you are living on someone else’s property under a contract, and if you leave without notice, you will be violating that contract. So, as soon as you know that you are moving, give them a call and let them know about the exact moving date. This will give them time to find the next tenant or do whatever they need to do with the property. As far as neighbors are concerned, they should know when you will move, as moving can be loud.

Contacting utility providers will also benefit you

The following etiquette will usually make interactions more enjoyable, but in this case, it will make your life after moving easier. Utilities are usually taken for granted, and you won’t have them in your new home unless you do something about it. Contact all of your utility providers and give them your address and move-in date. This will give them time to do their job and help you avoid paying necessary early termination fees.

Dont leave with debts

You might have been late for a rent payment or borrowed something from your neighbor, and never actually got to pay it and give it back. Moving is a new beginning, so you should leave your old place with all debts paid. Anything that you have been saying to do but haven’t gotten the chance to – now is the time to do it.

Picture of a person knocking on a door
Don’t leave owing anything to anyone

Offer refreshments

Different people will have different preferences when it comes to offering refreshments and snacks to movers, so the decision is yours to make. If you do decide to offer refreshments and snacks, keep in mind that it is not necessary to go overboard. Bottled water, soft drinks, and snacks such as granola bars, fruit, or cookies are simple and easy options that can be appreciated by the movers. Also keep the season in mind, as cold drinks will be great in the summer. A hot beverage will be welcome during the colder months. You can also ask them if they have any dietary restrictions or preferences. This will ensure that everyone is accommodated and safe. Offering refreshments and snacks should not be seen as a way to influence the quality of the movers’ work. The movers are professionals who are there to do a job. It is important to maintain a respectful and professional relationship throughout the moving process

Tips are always appreciated

The residents of the USA have a tipping culture, especially towards service providers. The rule of thumb is to tip 10% of the total bill, but the amount or whether you want to tip at all is your decision. If the services you got were below your expectations, then it is ok not to tip. If you decide to do it, a practice in the moving industry is tipping anywhere from $20 to $100 per crew member, depending on many factors. The difficulty of the move, location, and season will all influence the final decision. Even though a tip is not obligatory, your movers will appreciate it. It will motivate them to keep working the way they do, and make other customers happy! So, when you write your household movers’ reviews, make sure to include the part where they earned a tip. It will likely motivate others to do the same.

Be ready on time

Unplanned things can happen at any time, especially during a stressful situation. Moving is notoriously stressful, but you need to give your best to be ready on time. A crucial part of proper etiquette is respecting others and their time. People will always fully book reputable movers, so every minute counts. Don’t allow yourself to forget important things, and have your movers wait for you when everything else is ready. Ideally, have everything ready the night before the move, and check everything one last time before they arrive.

Picture of a white clock with a wooden frame on a white surface
Following proper etiquette means always being on time

Final thoughts on proper etiquette during a move

As you can see, following proper etiquette during a move is not difficult. You need to see the situation through other people’s eyes and do things that you would like someone else to do for you. Being compassionate is a good start, so stick to what feels right to you, and you will likely offer a good experience to everyone involved in your big day!


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