One thing is for sure, Virginia is for dog lovers. Whether you are planning just a trip with your furry friend or planning to spend the rest of your days here, you will not have to worry about finding dog-friendly places in Virginia. More and more places accommodate dogs nowadays. You can bring them to shopping centers, cafes, and restaurants, just make sure that they are vaccinated and leashed.  They can always be part of the fun. Since Virginia offers a lot of green surfaces, you and your four-legged friend will have a blast. So, do not worry much and call which will help you and your dog relocate to Virginia. Keep on reading to find out the best places for dog lovers in Virginia.

1. Alexandria

Alexandria is an old city and true dog heaven. It is one of the most dog-friendly cities in the state. Here you can find doggy boutiques, canine cruises, and dog yappy hours. Your dog will live its best life here. Moreover, your dog will never be lonely since one out of every four residents in Alexandria is a dog. Everybody here makes sure that pups and their owners always feel welcomed. So, after you have settled in, take a walk on King Street where you can find special treats, clothing, and accessories at The Dog Park boutique.  You can also spoil your pet here by taking it to the VIP Pet Saloon where your pooch can enjoy a doggy spa treatment. These are just some of the things Alexandria has to offer for you and your furry friend, and that’s what makes it one of the best places for dog lovers in Virginia.

A dog in a pool
In Richmond, there is even a pool specifically designed for dogs. It is a great place to take your pet on a hot summer day.

2. Richmond

Besides Alexandria, another pet-friendly city is Virginia’s capital – Richmond. Richmond is known for being a haven for young people and their furry friends, too. It is a modern city and a kind of concrete jungle. But, fear not. Even though there are not a lot of green surfaces, your dogs can enjoy many indoor and outdoor activities.  For example, Quirk hotel provides pet beds and gives owners a complimentary doggy bag that includes treats.  You can also visit an outdoor mall called Stony Point Fashion Park which welcomes dogs. There is a dog bakery with natural treats and a dog boutique where you can buy clothing and accessories for your pooches.

3. Williamsburg

This city is extra special because it has a dog mascot. The famous Briard is believed to have been introduced to America by Thomas Jefferson. So, today, pet owners are not just welcomed but also advised to bring their dogs anywhere in this historical town.  There are many restaurants and cafes which are pet-friendly, both outside and inside. Hotels like Williamsburg Inn also allow you to bring your furry friends. So, while you are searching for Sterling based moving professionals, you and your friend can stay here.

A dog eating a bone
Locals love their mascot, the Briard dog. You can see this dog all over the city of Williamsburg. It is their pride and joy.

4. Roanoke

Roanoke is Virginia’s largest city with small-town charm – it is also one of the best places for dog lovers in Virginia. Downtown Roanoke is a very charismatic place, with many unique cafes and restaurants where you can eat together with your dog. When in Roanoke, be sure to visit Fork in the Market, which specializes in wood-fired fare like pizza. They also provide treats for the dogs. However, if downtown, food markets, and festivals are not your thing, you and your four-legged partner can go on a hike up to the top of Mill Mountain. Besides hiking, your dogs can also burn that excess energy at a dog park. Highland dog park consists of two fenced-in areas where pet owners can let their dogs roam unleashed.

5. Virginia Beach

If you and your dog are beach lovers, this is a place you can move toIt is a very modern and busy city where leashed dogs are welcome to stroll by many shops and splash in the water. You can also sit in many of the local restaurants and try their specialties like fresh fried oysters or crab cakes paired with one of 80 craft beers. Your dog is also allowed to eat in restaurants. However, if you are searching for something more relaxing and peaceful, you can visit First Landing State Park Beach.  It is a mile long beach which welcomes leashed dogs.

a dog enjoying beach at one of the best places for dog lovers in Virginia.
Pets are welcome to vacation in Virginia Beach all year long, and many hotels, resort properties, restaurants, and businesses are happy to host guests together with their furry friends.

6. Petersburg

This is one of the best places for dog lovers in Virginia, as well as for those who want to experience another part of U.S. history. Petersburg National Battlefield is a great place for people to bring their dogs for a walk. It has a pet-friendly trail network. After your walk, you can go downtown to Petersburg Demolition Coffee, which is a shop with a year-round dog-friendly patio. Baristas there can also create dog latte art. Moreover, many people come here for business and sometimes it is impossible to leave your furry friend behind. So make sure to find office moving experts in Virginia to deal with your relocation process, while you are taking care of your pet.

Important to Remember!

Overall, Virginia is a great place for people and their furry friends, and there are a lot of towns which you would consider the best places for dog lovers in Virginia. We mentioned only the most interesting ones, but where ever you are, you and your pet will be welcomed. However, before you decide to relocate to Virginia, pay attention to these things:

  • Your dog must be vaccinated
  • All dogs, big or small, must be on a leash
  • Bring plastic bags on your walks
  • Find a new vet as soon as you relocate
  • Bring all your dog’s favorite toys to make the transition easier
  • Always have doggy treats with you.

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