Colorado is the place to be for all those who love outdoor activities. It offers plenty of opportunities when it comes to staying healthy and active. In the winter you can spend your weekends skiing or snowboarding, while in the summer you can hike or ride a bike surrounded by mesmerizing greenery. Since the beginning of the pandemic, people have been turning to states with plenty of nature. That makes Colorado one of the top picks for living in 2021. On top of that, Colorado moving company reviews are great in general, which means moving to Colorado can be simple and easy. So if you’re looking to move, here’s what the best places to live in Colorado in 2021 are.

What to look for in top places to live in Colorado in 2021?

Whichever state you decide to move to, there are some things you should look for. This usually includes things like affordability, safety, job market, education, and culture. Most cities can be positioned somewhere on these scales somewhat objectively. However, some of these might be more important to you than the rest. For example, for you, safety and culture might be very important, but you might not care much about affordability. That means that whether you think a place is great to live in is very personal and varies from person to person. Still, four places in Colorado were selected by US News among the best places to live in the US. That puts Colorado quite high on the list of desirable states to live in. But what are the top places to live in Colorado in 2021?

A landscape of a forest in Colorado.
Colorado is rich with wonderful nature!

The best places to live in Colorado 2021

There are many wonderful cities in Colorado. However, some are simply outstanding in many regards. These cities are usually people magnets due to how much they have to offer. That said, not all these cities offer the same things. Most of them, however, are quite exquisite in at least a few domains.

Fort Collins – A city for career-driven young people

Fort Collins is a very affordable and culturally dense city that offers great education and many opportunities. Whether you’re moving to Colorado from Texas for university or moving from Florida to Colorado to start a business, Fort Collins is a place for you. The Fort Collins area had had a roughly 20 percent uptick in jobs within the last five years. That makes it perfect for all those hoping to start, change, or further their careers. On top of that Fort Collins is a very fun place. It’s pretty much defined by its hip culture. That being the case makes Fort Collins the place many young people gravitate towards.

Boulder – Nothing but prestige

Boulder might not be one of the cheapest places to live in Colorado, but it sure is one of the best! In this city, you can get some of the greatest education colorado has to offer. On top of that, you can also enjoy a broad job market, wonderful culture, and complete safety. However, all of that, unfortunately, comes at a pretty steep cost. But for all those who can afford Boulder, you can expect to live among some of the most educated people in the country. Almost 75 percent of the city’s adult population has earned at least one bachelor’s degree! How amazing is that? The city also offers more than 30 art galleries and a yearly Shakespeare Festival.

A statue of William Shakespeare.
Boulder is very culturally dense!

Greely – One of the best places to live in Colorado in 2021 if you’re looking for affordability

Greeley is a city whose economy and culture revolve around agriculture and its industry. Roughly 30 percent of jobs within the Greely area are tied to agriculture. Aside from that, this city offers safety. However, don’t expect exquisite culture and education with Greely, yet. That said, Greely is also one of the fastest-growing cities in the country right now. That means that even though its cultural scene is less mature than that of the other cities on this list, it still has its own flavor and is developing rather quickly! On the quest to grow its culture, Greely now sports more than 500 pieces of public art. The city is also known for the annual Greeley Stampede. All that combined makes Greely one of the top picks for living in Colorado in 2021 even though it’s not “all that” just yet.

Denver – The only right choice for those who want to be in the center of everything

Denver is the capital city of Colorado. That means that a good chunk of the Colorado population gravitates towards it. It’s a very lively city that offers everything you could expect from any capital city. It has jobs, education, nightlife, culture, shopping, and pretty much everything else you could hope for. But as with any city, aside from all the positives, there are also some negatives. Denver being as big as it is, is not the safest place. On top of that, due to its continuously growing population, it’s also not very affordable. However, if you have the resources to afford a lovely place in the safe part of the city, you’ll definitely enjoy Denver and everything it has to offer.

Colorado Springs – A well-rounded city anyone can enjoy

Colorado Springs is one of those cities that isn’t too outstanding but doesn’t lack much in anything. That makes one of the most well-rounded picks on this list. It’s a decently safe place, with a relatively colorful culture and good education. And all that for a reasonable price. However, one area Colorado Springs promises to excel in, in the near future is its job market. The job market has been booming which has been accompanied by the growth and expansion of the city area itself.

A group of young women having fun in Colorado Spring.
Colorado Springs is a well-rounded city most people can enjoy!

There are many great places to live in Colorado in 2021

Colorado offers many wonderful cities for all those hoping to move in 2021. Companies like USA Moving Reviews are also here to help that hypothetical move become a reality. So if you’re eyeing Colorado, but you’re worried about moving, know that it’s possible to do it safely and easily even in 2021 with all that’s been going on. However, your first step should be to choose the place you like most on our lists of best places to live in Colorado 2021. After that, you just have to find the movers you trust and they’ll help you relocate to your city of choice.

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