Looking for the best places to live in Connecticut can be hard, especially if you are moving for the first time. We have decided to help you overcome these issues by telling you which places are the most desirable for living. Knowing this will definitely influence your final moving decision. So, let us waste no more time, and get to know more about these places.

Best places to live in Connecticut – West Hartford

This magnificent town with over 60,000 people living here is one of the best places you can move to in Connecticut. It offers you a decent suburban feel all the while living in a place that can be very urban. It is important to note that almost all residents own their homes here. If you are more of a social type of person, then you can enjoy a lot of different coffee shops, restaurants, bars, etc. Let’s not forget about wonderful parks where you can spend your free time.

girl drinking coffee in one of the Best Places to Live in Connecticut
West Hartford is one of the best places to Live in Connecticut because of its social life

If this is the place you chose for your next stop in life, then you are now ready to prepare for the move. And what best way to do so than to read more about moving companies in CT reviewsThis will give you a good idea of what kind of moving company you are hiring.


This is a little suburb of Hartford, and there are currently around 25,000 people living here. It is one of the most desirable places to move to by people of all ages. If you wish to live in a town with a good suburban feel the this is the place just for you. People own their homes and there are almost little to none renters. Schools are very highly rated and the overall feel of political currents is that people are liberal. And if you really want to help your kid succeed, teach them how to study like a pro. That will definitely help them in later studies.

couple of boys
Simsbury schools are highly rated

Although these factors will play a significant role in choosing the best place to move to, you will still have to search for the moving company to relocate you. We can make this process easier. The USA Moving Reviews database can help you find a reliable moving company for your relocation. Do not spend too much time looking for movers when the answers are already there.


Located in Hartford County, this little suburb has around 19,000 residents. As well as other places in Connecticut, Avon offers a suburban way of life. That means a lot of owned houses with huge backyards. This is important if you plan on moving with your children. We all know how much extra space means to families, so why not think about it when moving here?

Avon is especially great because of its nice neighborhoods. Even if you are relocating an apartment, you will still get to enjoy everything it has to offer to you. Nice clubs, restaurants, pleasant people, you name it. We are quite certain you would love living here.

These are what we believe to be the best places to live in Connecticut. We are certain that by now you know where you want to move to in the near future. If you believe you can add something to this, feel free to reach out.

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