Most of us would like to know how much do NYC movers charge per hour. Not only that it will make our relocation easier, but we would be able to estimate the cost of moving. If you want to know how much moving could cost, you should consider all that affect the price. After that, you need to check on USA Moving Reviews for the best company.

How much do NYC movers charge per hour?

There are a lot of conditions that affect the price. You will need to learn them all if want to prepare for moving properly. Do not forget that size of an apartment affect the price on many levels.

  • It is not easy to answer how much do NYC movers charge per hour because it is not the only item that affects the price;
  • There are other conditions that affect the price like packing material or destination;
  • You should check movers NYC reviews to find the best company for your move.

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The price depends on the size

Although movers charge per hour, there are features that affect the price other than the longevity of moving. There are situations when moving costs more because of the more items that will affect the final price of moving. Costs of moving a small apartment are between $450 and $700. It could help you in hiring movers vs DIY local moving dilemma.

Multi-room moves

The price for a large apartment is usually very high, especially if you have more than one room to move. It is what determines the qualities of reliable moving companies. For large apartments price could go over $1,000, which is $200-$300 per hour. On the other hand, the company can charge more if they estimate that packing, decluttering and other jobs will take longer than usual.

Other conditions that built the price

If you want to organize moving in the best way, you should not ask for the price. A good moving company will do the job in the best way and charge the lowest amount they can.

Packing materials

There are situations when moving is harder and cost more, because workers have to work harder. They will charge you for boxes if they use more than usual or different sizes of boxes. Also, you will need to pay more for situations when you must use plastic containers or special packing materials.

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You can save a significant amount of money if learn to avoid costs

Distance affects, too

Long-distance moving usually costs more than moving on short distances or locally. If you look at the map of New York, you will see that there are parts of NYC that are far away from the center. However, it affects the final price because of the preparation, transportation, and several movers that the company must hire. The lowest price that you will pay for this move is around $80 while the highest amount is $350 per hour. Approximately the price is $120 per hour.

Sensitive and valuable items

Even though packing is the same for every type of moving, there are situations when it will cost more. Those situations are when you need to pack items like pianos, or antique furniture. Movers must protect and pack items properly. It is the reason why is difficult to answer the question of how much NYC movers charge per hour.


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