A New York relocation can be quite expensive, even if it’s just a small move. In order to save some money and prepare for the upcoming expenses, you might want to calculate the overall moving cost in NYC. Before you check out some movers NYC reviews and hire them, here are some moving costs you should expect when moving in the Big Apple.

Setting the budget for the NYC move

The first thing one should do before the move is to set the budget. The overall moving costs in NYC will depend on many factors, which is why you should start planning your expenses early on. For a small, local move, your costs will depend on the moving services you choose. However, the price of long-distance moving services will depend on the distance of the move. Also, your movers will calculate the size of the inventory. The best way to calculate your moving costs is to make a list of potential expenses. By doing so, you will avoid overspending or paying too much for moving services. On websites like USA Moving Reviews, you can read useful tips on preparing for different types of moving expenses.

If you hire movers ahead of time, you might save money on their services.

How much does moving cost in NYC?

The moving process can be a costly process, but luckily, there are some easy ways to save money during this time. If you are moving on a tight budget, you can always look for some affordable movers in New York. Also, downsizing your inventory is the most efficient way to save money while moving. No matter how big your home is, here are some estimates of the basic moving costs in NYC:

  • A one-bedroom apartment usually requires two movers, which will cost you on average $300 for approximately 5 hours of work. These costs apply to loading and unloading services. On the other hand, you can always rent a truck and handle this process by yourself.
  • An average three-bedroom apartment relocation will be a bit more expensive. If you need to pay for moving services, you should count on spending around $1,000 for a basic service.
  • For moving larger apartments and office spaces, moving services in New York can be really pricey. A full-moving service in this case can cost up to 15,000-$20,000.
Moving fragile, sensitive, and valuable inventory will cost you extra.

Which moving services cost extra?

If you are willing to spend extra money on a stress-free move, you can always choose special moving services. The moving cost in NYC can be high, but some of the special moving services are worthy of their price. Relocating musical instruments, heavy equipment or fragile items fall under special moving services. Moving special inventory without professional assistance can cause damage, or worse – a moving injury. So, if you are planning a relocation to Big Apple anytime soon, you should prepare yourself for the moving cost in NYC. Establish your budget on time and avoid moving unnecessary items. In the end, you can always negotiate a better price with your moving crew.

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