Are you planning to start fresh after the international move? The decision to move internationally comes with many concerns. While you’re trying to figure out when is the best time for your move, you’re also wondering about other aspects of your upcoming move. One of the main concerns is finding and hiring a trustworthy moving company. As you know, moving internationally brings many responsibilities so you have to be careful when looking for movers. Thankfully, we know the ways to help you out. Firstly, make sure to check international moving companies reviews on specialized websites. Secondly, write down those companies with reputable references. Thirdly, ask for a moving estimate to get a more clear picture of future cooperation. In the end, make sure to compare international moving companies and opt for the one that best suits you. Keep in mind your need and priorities but also your budget.

Look for references

Before you get to the stage where you will compare overseas moving companies, you will need to find the best moving companies in this field. As we already mentioned, it is important to look for reputable moving companies only. So, don’t waste time and turn to reliable sources. Look into valuable references that have some of the best moving companies in New York. Take time and look into movers reviews and previous experiences people had. Also, don’t forget to ask your family members, friends, and colleagues for recommendations. Probably, some of the people you know might have experience with high-quality international moving companies.

Girl trying to compare international moving companies
Use your smartphone while you are trying to compare international moving companies

Make a list of questions that will help you compare international moving companies

After you make a list of reputable international movers, make sure to have a list of your requirements. Clearly, before you hire any reputable international movers, you should know what you are looking for. So, start with the number and weight of items you will bring with you and measure your furniture pieces. Besides, think twice are you going to move fragile and bulky items such as sculptures pianos, pool tables, or similar.

Prepare the list of questions for your potential movers.

The next thing you have to consider is the moving date. As you may assume, the date when you move will determine the final cost you will have to pay. So, if you want to save the budget, avoid traffic and get a discount make sure to opt for moving in off-peak season. According to this winter may be the best time to move internationally. For this reason, check if those companies you did choose are available when you plan to hire them.

Ask for moving estimates

One of the most reliable ways to compare international moving companies is to ask for free estimates. There is no doubt, this is the main factor that determines if you are going to opt for a certain company or not. Maybe this is because of the cost and expenses? Yes, but there are also other factors included in your final decision. Once you find reliable, licensed, and at FMCSA registered international movers, you will want to know if they can handle your move. Also, it is important they can respond to all your needs.

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