Moving on a tight budget can be very difficult without any assistance. That is why you should organize your friends and family members to help you with various task regarding your move. Keep in mind that having friends around all the time while organizing everything can be too much. To avoid that situation, follow our simple tips on how to let your friends help and still be efficient when moving on a tight budget.

First step – planning and organizing your move

When organizing your move, you have to make sure you have a good relocation plan. That is when you need friends with great organization skills. They can help you calculate the moving budget. Also, they can help you create the timeline for your relocation.

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Are you ready to move?

This first step is very important because it will affect every step of your move until the moving day. On the other hand, without a carefully calculated budget, you might make a mistake while finding local movers in New York. Also, without the correct moving timeline, the moving company you hire might not be able to give you the exact estimate of the moving costs. That is why you should be careful and use a friend as a valuable assistant in this situation. The preparations for the move are the crucial part of the whole process and you should make sure that you make all of the important decisions.

It is best if you divide tasks for your friends when moving on a tight budget. That way you will benefit from the help you receive. However, if that is not always the case. Make sure to talk to the person who is trying to help you and find the efficient solution or give them a task that suits him better while you organize.

When decluttering your move

One of the most important steps when moving on a tight budget is decluttering your home. Having fewer items to move can affect the price of your move a great deal. That is why you should consider getting rid of all the clutter and unnecessary items you own. Your friends can be a great help while you clean out your home. Moreover, they can benefit from it. They can have the items you no longer need.

It is very important o ask your friends not to be subjective and too emotional while you browse through your belongings. If your friends are, you may spend a great portion of time discussing various events that remind you of the current items. That is why it is very important to stay on track and not get caught up on details while you declutter.

Consider diving your items into piles. After you do that you will have the clear idea about the items you will keep and relocate. On the other hand, you will know which of those you should not. Your male friends can help you through away the garbage and the old items that won’t suit anyone. Others can help you sell other items online or organize a garage sale. With the help you get from your friends, you may be able to save some money when moving on a tight budget.

Finding the best movers is easy when you have help

Finding the reliable movers can be quite a task when you have to do everything by yourself. However, when you have friends to help, you can divide tasks and finish the task in a day. This may come as surprise but to find reputable moving company takes time, patience, people skills and a lot of online research. When you have help, you can give the different task to each person present. One friend can research the best moving companies in the area, while other can research the reviews for the same companies.

Make sure to declutter before you start packing.

After you narrow down your choices, you can divide the tasks once again. While one person is contacting the moving company for the basic information, other can check the company’s id number and license. While the third person is finding the online reviews of the moving company in question, you can sort out your important documentation.

To save as much as you can when moving on a tight budget, make sure to ask more than one moving company for the official moving quote or an estimate. That is the estimate of the overall moving costs. While you have friends present, you may also ask movers to give you a quote on the same day. That way, movers might see the competition and give you a better deal for your relocation.

Packing assistance for moving on a tight budget

It Is not hard to pack everything when you have friends to help. You can save a lot of money if you don’t use a professional packing service to prepare your belongings for transport. Your friends can:

  • Help you take everything off the walls
  • Assist while you disassemble furniture
  • Help carry heavy and bulky furniture pieces and appliances
  • Pack everything
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Your friends can help you with everything, but when it comes to moving – opting for a professional mover might be a better idea.

Friends are the biggest help when it comes to packing efficiently for your move. As in every stage of your move, consider dividing tasks for your friends. One can get the cheap packing supplies while other deal with heavy furniture pieces. Women can help you pack clothes and the kitchen while men disassemble furniture and take the shelves off the walls. Man are great in packing electronics and woman can help with clothes. Everybody can be a great help when loading your packed items onto the moving truck.

Moving on a tight budget is not always easy but, with your friend’s help can be done faster. In case you have to move at the last minute, your friends and family members can be a great help. The entire relocation process can be a great experience when you have someone to share it with. After you load everything onto the moving truck, consider taking your friends out for a drink to celebrate a job well done.

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