Yes, moving is a major and one of the most stressful life events. But, does it have to be like that? What can you do about it? Do you want to move stress and hassle-free? It is possible of course, with tips, a good organization, and the best moving company. So, let’s see how you can accomplish it and make your move stressless, nice and smooth.

Move stress and hassle-free with a reliable moving company

If you want a move which is easy and simple, you should hire movers. When you have to move all your items by yourself, load and unload the boxes from the truck, rent a moving truck…that gives you a lot of obligations. There are a few tips on how you can find and hire good movers. But, these two ways of finding moving companies are common:

  1. Find a moving company by yourself – You can get recommendations from your friends and family who have experience with moving and moving companies, or search online. After that ask the company for referrals and check if they have a license and insurance. Do your research to be sure you have hired the best company for you and your belongings. But, if you do not have anyone to give you some recommendations or you do not have time for research, the second solution is a better solution for you.
  2. Hire a company to do it for you – If you were asking how to move stress and hassle-free, this is the answer. There are many companies which can find the perfect movers for you. We have one company that could help you. Visit and make your move stress-free. They have a database of tips to make your move trouble-free. So, with right moving tips, you don’t have to worry about choosing the right and capable mover. It is easy to be a victim of fraud when you do not have the knowledge and help.
Stressed woman.
If you cannot do a research and to find a good moving company, hire someone who can.

Start with packing as soon as you can

First, you have to collect boxes, a lot of them. But, that may cost you. So, if you want affordable move get moving boxes without breaking the bank. When people are spending so much money, that can cause stress. Free boxes are everywhere, so use them for your moving. When you collect enough boxes for moving, find packing material such as bubble foil and do not throw newspaper, that can be used for wrapping and for fragile items. Finally, start with packing. But start as soon as possible because you will have much more time than you think. And if you are late, you will be nervous. Especially if you have kids. 

Labeling packing boxes.
Start with packing and do not hurry.

Be organized

Make a checklist and you will not forget anything. For example, write what should you do 2 months before a move, 3 weeks before a move, 2 days before…Organize your time and money. How much can you spend? Make a budget and try to stick to it. Do not forget to spend some time on yourself. Put that too on the list. If you have a family, make a list together with them and divide obligations. A good organization is a half of the job.

Ask for help whenever you need it

Do not be ashamed to ask your friends or moving company whatever you want to know. Moving is difficult and if people have experience with moving, use it. Learn from their mistakes. If you are moving far away it is one more reason to spend time with your friends. Have a drink and exchange experiences. Any advice can be helpful. From packing, transporting to adjusting to a new neighborhood.

A red help button.
It is normal to be scared and to have a million questions, especially if it is your first move. So. aks for help and do not be ashamed because of that.

Explore a new place where you will live

If you are able to visit a new city where you will live, it is a good solution to reduce stress. So, if you are moving to another state, visit it, or if you cannot do it, do our research. It is hard to be in a foreign country and to know nothing about it. Move stress and hassle-free and be prepared. Search online, read books and encyclopedia…Today it is easy to get information. Learn a language and something about their tradition and culture. If you are moving somewhere near, it is easier but not stressless. Explore the neighborhood, spend a day there and see do you fit in. Meet your new neighbors and ask them for some advice, where to buy groceries, which school is the best for kids…

Spend time with your family and friends

Spend time on yourself. Obligations can wait. Your health is the most important thing. Stress can cause a lot of diseases. Your immune system will be weaker because of stress, so where is the point to hurry and to endanger your health. Sometimes it’s not all in your hands and you do not have control. That’s why is important to start with preparing earlier than you think is enough, so you will have time for you. Go to the park, cinema, restaurant, be with your friends, make a party… Have fun and relax. Treat yourself.

Sleep well

Sleeping woman before a move.
Relax and get enough sleep and you will reduce a stress. You and your health, are in the first place.

When you hired a company that will find you a reliable mover, and you are working little by little without rushing. Also, you have a checklist and advice from your friends, you will sleep tight like a baby. Regular and normal sleep will reduce stress and you will move stress and hassle-free, for sure. Get enough sleep and do not miss your lunch. When you move, not everything is around the packing and transporting, it is about you and your needs.

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