Dealing with the moving preparations, organizing a home and a car sale can get overwhelming. In this situation, the last thing you should be worried about are the movers that are in charge of your belongings. However, it is no secret that the moving scams happen. You can avoid problems if you prepare in advance and know how to recognize a moving scam. To prevent worrying when moving your household goods, you should make sure you know how to moving scam artists behave. Keep reading and find out how to recognize a moving scam and scam artists before you move.

How fraudulent movers operate?

With the all moving preparations happening, you may not have enough time to check the moving company you like in detail. That may be the biggest mistake you can make when moving your home belongings. Unless you have used a reliable moving company before, you should always make time and check the company you wish to hire. The reason is that fraudulent movers use these situations to perform their scam. Scam artists target people that are overwhelmed with work and other move-related tasks. That is why before hiring any moving company for your relocation, consider checking the company’s credentials in detail.

person sitting and searching through pc to recognize a moving scam
Always try to search online to gather information about moving company

You will recognize a moving scam from far if you understand how moving scam artists conduct their scams. There are numerous different ways they scam people who move. The most usual scenario is when fraudulent movers take your belongings and ask for a huge amount of money to return them. However, that is not the only situation. Also, they may tell you everything you wish to know to get your items and to sell them afterward. Their usual goal is to get your valuable belongings or your money. They are skilled when covering their tracks and most people that get scammed may not get any proof of the scam.

How to recognize a moving scam from far?

When you know what scam artists usually do, you may be able to recognize a moving scam without difficulty. Here are the most usual clues that may tell you are dealing with a fraudulent moving company.

Not giving a moving quote in person

Before you hire any moving company, you should ask for the official moving quote. The moving quote represents the estimate of the relocation costs. Every reliable moving company will be happy to give you the official moving quote. Quality movers will usually come to your address and access the items you have to move. Depending on the overall moving services and the type of your relocation, they will give you the estimate. However, fraudulent movers will avoid meeting you in person and doing the estimate at your home at any cost. They will insist on giving you the quote over the phone.

Not giving any viable information

Non-reliable moving representatives will usually conduct the business over the phone. This way he will avoid any real contact with you. The moving representative on the phone will usually skillfully avoid giving you any reliable information about the company. You may receive vague answers and common information about moving. Fraudulent movers will try to avoid giving you the company’s official address or the license number.

phones on the white background
A moving company that gives information only over the phone is suspicious

Limited online presence

Unreliable moving companies will also avoid having numerous ads and web pages about their scam company. On the other hand, quality and reliable moving companies will do everything to get your attention. They have a noticeable online presence and numerous online reviews. Their web pages will offer the most important information about their company and services. However, that is not the case with fraudulent movers.

Fraudulent movers usually don’t have the official online webpage or online reviews. On the other hand, in case they have online reviews, they may appear generic and to good to be true. If you come across these moving reviews about the company you research and nothing else, you will be able to recognize a moving scam from far.

If you decide to research moving companies in your area, you might find numerous quality moving companies. Websites like will provide numerous information about quality and reliable movers you can use without worrying about moving scam. You will be able to see their address, reviews and all the information needed.

Movers cannot move all of the belongings

In case your movers tell you that they can move all of the belongings you have, be alarmed. This is one of the most common ways to recognize a moving scam. Every reliable mover will tell you there are laws that prohibit movers from transporting certain items.

Quality moving companies are prohibited by law to transport:

  • Hazardous materials
  • Plants
  • Perishable foods
  • Machinery that uses fuel
  • Any flammables
  • Any kind of weapons

Large down payments

Quality movers ask for small down payment to reserve your spot during the busy moving season. However, for scam artists, this is common practice. Fraudulent movers ask for large deposits for their services. They may find a reason or a problem to explain this action. They will ask for a large sum of money before they even pack your belongings. If you find yourself in this situation, be aware that you may be dealing with a fraudulent moving company.

a man holding money in his hand
They will try to get a large amount of money from you

Find reliable movers with ease

Finding a reliable moving company to handle your relocation is not hard. All it takes is a little bit of free time and effort. When you know how to recognize a moving scam, it won’t be hard finding a quality moving company near you. To find reliable movers in New York, you should do an extensive research. Before hiring any moving company, make sure to check their license and the id number. Most quality movers will e happy to provide this information to their clients.

After that, you can check their official company’s status online at FMCSA. You may consider visiting the company’s offices in person and talk to a representative about the services they offer. You can also, check the company’s online reviews before you ask for the official moving quote. This way you will avoid dealing with the fraudulent moving company when relocating to your new address.

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