Many moving companies Long Island reviews exist, just for every other part of New York City. We hereby provide you with our handy advice on how to choose the best company that suits your Long Island move planning and needs. Step by step, you should be able to find the movers that you will be pleased with – regardless on which of the four counties you’re moving to, where you are coming from and what the reason of your move is.

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Take the trip down to Long Island and see its beauty!

Mind Your Moving Budget – What are You Moving for?

Have you allocated your moving to Long Island budget already and are you sure on how much money you can spend once you have invested in your dream home or your temporary residence? First things first!

For college

If you’re moving to Long Island for college, your future student debt will limit the budget. Knowing how to find cheap movers can come in handy. After all, you’re going to live the students’ life at New York University Tandon School of Engineering or the City University of New York.

For work

If you’re moving to Long Island for work, you can initially save by finding people to share your home with. Before you pick the right moving company, you may want to consider house sharing with others.

To raise a family

Long Island can be a beautiful place to raise your family. In the case of moving for such reasons, your budget will probably be somewhere in the middle – depending on if you have kids already or not. Look for moving companies that have good reviews for smaller towns, written by families just like yours. You want the best possible place to raise your kids and wind down after a busy week. Depending on your fondness of car rides, you might want to be closer to the sea or the fun parks and historical sites.

To settle after you’ve retired

While Long Island is densely populated, there are beautiful locations where you can settle for good (or until you’re bored!). In this scenario, you will typically be able to afford a better and more expensive moving company. But you sure don’t want your valuable belongings to be damaged during the move. Things such as pianos, houseplants, artwork, fish tanks and large appliances such as fridges require extra attention.

Extra tip!

If you’re looking to declutter before your move, you can always start with a garage sale or one of its equivalents on your preferred classifieds or auction website. This is a good way to increase your budget in order to find the right moving company.

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If you’re having troubles with your budget, try selling some of your stuff!

Pick the Right Location According to Your Needs

Long Island is beautiful – but what part of it is for you?

If you have children or if you have fears related to your personal safety, you might not want to move to a location close to any of the two busy airports. There are known towns good for families that you can consider before moving. Small towns typically require additional commute to work but feature larger playground areas and quieter neighborhoods where you can pick a house with a more spacious yard or garden. The same applies if you’re retiring to Long Island.

On the other hand, if you are moving for work in one of those places or interested in many other work opportunities that the island can offer, go ahead. Long Island is the most densely populated island in the United States and one needs to mind costs of everyday commute to work as well. Typically, you will want something near your new workplace, unless you’re just starting or still looking for work.

Similarly, students who are not looking to live in dorms and fraternity/sorority houses will want to be near the campus. Read between the lines while browsing moving companies Long Island reviews for ideas on where you should be at.

Tip: If anybody in your immediate network moved to Long Island before you, ask them for advice. Dust off those Facebook and LinkedIn contacts.

Apartment complex.
House in the suburbs or apartment downtown – choose the right place to live!

House or apartment? What suits you better?

Typically, in the scenario where you’re retiring to Long Island or going there to raise a family, you will be looking for a house. If you are looking to share a pad with other students or workers, you could also be looking for an apartment. Approach the shortlist of your chosen move companies with this in mind. Some are better when you’re looking for a smaller, temporary home. Others are a better choice when you’re looking for your dream house.

Tip: This is very often directly related to your moving budget, so refer back to that heading in order to adjust your moving costs.

Pre-plan your move

By putting your costs and location ideas on the paper, you will be able to approach moving companies with what you want. How about a checklist? Here is a useful template. Start from there, keep it simple and have it handy when choosing among moving companies on your shortlist.

  • The reason you’re moving – college, work, family, retirement, something else
  • Your moving budget estimate – humble, average, large
  • Your preferred locations – city, countryside, house, apartment complex
  • When you have to move – urgently, in the coming weeks, in the coming months
  • Any special requirements – items difficult to move, large items
  • Is it a long-distance move? Additional planning may be required.

Tip: You can add more items to the list or make changes – this is a mere suggestion which will help you when looking for moving companies Long Island reviews and help you find the right moving company.

Read others’ moving companies Long Island reviews

At the end of the day, reading other people’s experiences on moving to Long Island from another place is crucial. On our website, we offer a range of services to connect you to the movers that best suit your needs. Some moving companies have a good reputation for a reason.

Got it All Figured out? Good.

We hope that this article helped you find the best moving companies Long Island reviews. Planning a move is hard, whether you have many belongings that require special handling, or a very limited budget. Good luck with your move!

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