When searching for a moving company, there are many things you must consider. You should check the Denver movers reviews, figure out the best moving service, confirm the legitimacy of your moving team, and much more. Simply because there are many legalities tied to the moving process. One of them is moving company deposits and today we will cover this topic thoroughly. All in order for you to have a healthier budget and a safer relocation project. Let’s dive right in.

Basic things about moving company deposits

When relocating home, obviously you want the best moving company to take care of everything. But to find such a company, you should scout online or check USA Moving Reviews. Visit all moving-related websites you can think of and gather enough info about the moving industry in general. This way you will find experienced, affordable, safe, and most importantly, legit movers. But no matter what kind of company you find, they all have moving deposits. It works like in any business out there. Whenever you want to schedule a service or purchase something in advance, you must book it. It will cost you from 10% up to 50% of the total value. The price varies from company to company.

a person preparing for moving company deposits
Prepare an adequate budget to cover all moving costs and the moving deposit.

The deposit range varies from company to company

When it comes to moving company deposits, the amount can vary quite a bit. As we have already mentioned. It can go from almost nothing to quite a lot. If you have a stretching budget, you’ll be able to afford it. But if you are struggling, then you should seek out a company that accepts smaller deposits. All in all, the median price range across the board is between 10%-25%. Keep in mind that cross-state relocations are more expensive as well as moving over the weekend. Also, include the complexity of the relocation, the moving service you are purchasing, and the moving market. Obviously, more expensive moving companies are in large cities and luxurious neighborhoods.

One thing all moving companies have in common is the free moving quote. At least you can obtain your moving price for free and then figure out if you can afford it or not. If your moving company does not offer free estimates, hire someone else who does. At least that part is easy.

Ups and downs of moving company deposits

The positive side of moving company deposits is the fact that you have a reliable moving company reserved and ready for the moving day. Of course, if you are dealing with a legit moving team. And for downsides, the biggest one is that most deposits are non-refundable. And this is for obvious reasons. You are booking a certain date and movers will spend money, energy, and resources to organize everything.

a man stressing over a laptop
Communicate with your movers about refunds. Do not get surprised when you do not get your deposit back.


If you cancel at least two weeks before the relocation, some companies will refund all of it. If you cancel a week before you’ll get only 50% back. And if you cancel at the last minute, you won’t get a dime. Therefore, be wise and schedule accordingly. Although, if the reason for your cancelation is legit, movers can agree to postpone or even refund you. But you’ll have to communicate this with your moving representative.

How to avoid fraud?

Firstly, to avoid fraud you must confirm your moving company is legit. Check reviews, social media groups, or FMCSA. Once you are sure you are dealing with an honest moving team, you can move forward.

Keep in mind that cash is out of the question. Moving companies should receive payment only via credit card. This way it is clean and transparent, and you’ll have a trace of the payment. Also, you should think about purchasing moving insurance Denver or real moving insurance from the insurance company. It depends on the nature of your relocation and how many valuable items you possess.

All in all, moving company deposits are a mandatory thing. You can’t avoid it and if there is a company that will relocate you without the deposit, you should inspect them inside out. It will most likely be some kind of fraud. Therefore, be careful and good luck.


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