Every pet owner knows: the decisions we make affect our furry friends, sometimes even more than they affect us. Even a minor change to your day can feel monumental to your routine-loving pet. So if you think moving will be an adjustment for you, just imagine how stressful it is for them. You should keep that in mind as you prepare for the move. Your pets are your family after all. You want them to be happy wherever you decide to relocate to. One way to ensure this is to choose a pet-friendly place, to begin with. So could Nashville be the city for you? Is moving with pets to Nashville a good idea?

We from the USA Moving Reviews always likes to bring you only the most reliable information straight from the horse’s (or, in this case, more likely a dog’s) mouth. But we’ve found that rather impossible in this case as all the dogs, cats and parrots recently relocated to Nashville were too busy enjoying their new lives to answer our questions. Instead, here is how Nashville rates as a pet-friendly city from the human perspective.

Moving with pets – what’s to know

It’s important to take your pet’s needs into consideration right from the start. This is why any good guide to moving with pets starts with choosing the right place to move to. Look for a house or apartment in a pet-friendly neighborhood or make sure your landlord allows pets if you’re planning on renting the place. Make sure to stay up to date on your pet’s veterinary care and don’t forget to bring their documents and veterinary history with you.

Moving with pets to Nashville - Pug lying on a floor.
Moving can make your pet anxious

Some pets will get very anxious during packing and traveling so keep an eye out for signs of stress. Try to stick to routines as much as possible and always have plenty of water and snacks for your pets handy during the relocation. Finally, let your pet explore the new place at their own pace – don’t force them into new places or activities before they’re ready!

Tennessee-specific requirements for pets

If you’re planning on moving with pets to Nashville, you should know about Tennessee-specific regulations for pets entering the state. Luckily, there aren’t very many to cover. The rule is pretty simple: all animals except poultry entering the state for a period of more than 15 days must have an Official Health Certificate recognized by the state veterinarian and be up to date on their vaccines. If you’re moving within the state, you won’t even need that so you can get right on with it: search for Lebanon based moving companies and choose local movers to help you out with your relocation to the state capital.

Pro-tip: hire the right movers

This probably goes without saying, but the right movers go a long way to helping your transition run smoothly. Choose local professionals like Move On Relocation Nashville to get the best service with some extra helpful tips about the place. But remember, most moving companies won’t move pets even a short distance away! So organize transportation for your animal friends yourself in time.

What makes a city pet-friendly?

How do you tell if a city is pet-friendly? What should you look for when making your decision?

Cat lying on a bed.
Move somewhere your pet feels welcome!

Here are a few things we consider good indicators of a pet-friendly city:

  • plenty of public spaces that allow pets
  • a variety of business such as bars, restaurants, cafes and shopping malls that allow or even cater to pets
  • a wide offer of indoors and outdoors activities and events for pets
  • the ease with which a pet-owner can find a place to live
  • general walkability of the city and proximity to nature or at least parks to take your pets to.

What does Nashville have to offer to your pets?

Nashville is primarily known for being The Music City of the South, with its status as a cultural center for country music. But it has been building a reputation of being a great place for pets too! In 2014, for example, The Huffington Post declared it one of the best places in the United States to retire to with a dog. So how does it earn such high praise? What can you expect from moving with pets to Nashville?

Pet-friendly businesses

Pet-friendly restaurants, cafes, and bars are aplenty in Nashville. You can take your four-legged friend to lunch, dinner or coffee with you without fear. Most of the famous eateries around town will welcome your company to their patios, gardens and other outdoor seating areas. Take a look at places like Village Pub & Beer Garden, Mitchell’s Deli and M.L.Rose!

And for something slightly different, you can always check out Fido. This used to be a pet shop before it became a coffeehouse and restaurant! True to their roots, they welcome pets to all of their tables in the open. Another of the favorites for dogs and dog-owners in Nashville is Double Dogs. This cozy restaurant offers special, dog-themed dishes such as nachos in a dog bowl.

Pet-friendly parks

It is often said that Nashville is a big small town. Part of what gives it that rural, country feel is, of course, the famous southern hospitality. But plenty of green areas and nature certainly help too! And good news for pet owners is that all Metro Nashville public parks welcome leashed pets.

Four dogs in a park.
You’ll have plenty of pet-friendly parks to choose from in Nashville.

Many of them are also open to pets without leashes. And if the one nearest to your new place isn’t, don’t worry. Most parks have a fenced-in area where pets can run freely! Make sure you check out the famous Centennial Park in the heart of the city – it is one of the most popular dog-walking places in all of Nashville.

Events for pets and their owners

You may need some time to adjust to your new home after moving with pets to Nashville, but eventually, you’ll want to meet other animal lovers in the city. Luckily, Nashville has no shortage of events for pets! Among them are the Barktober Fest and Halloween Pooch Parade in October as well as DogFest Nashville and Music City Mutt Strutt in spring.

Pet-friendly lodging and living spaces

While not all rental housing welcomes pets, most neighborhoods and communities in general do. And if you ever need to stay somewhere overnight, there are over 150 pet-friendly hotels all over the city. This includes some of Nashville’s most popular places such as Omni Nashville Hotel and Hotel Preston. In addition to that, you can take your furry friends to a wide variety of daycares, boarding facilities, and groomers so you won’t have any trouble finding someone to pet sit for you.

What is the verdict on moving with pets to Nashville?

As it stands right now, moving with pets to Nashville seems like a pretty good idea! Of course, the ultimate test is how the city suits you and your animal pal. So take a walk downtown and check out some of the famous pet-friendly places. We’re sure you’ll find something you and your furry companion will like!

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