Canada is a beautiful country that has become the dream of many expats. It doesn’t only possess the astonishing nature, but also the stable economy and the high quality of life. Still, as in any country, there are pros and cons of moving to Canada. Take them all into consideration when you are thinking about your relocation.

The pros of moving to Canada

Living standard

Hight quality of living is the main thing why many are moving to Canada. When the standard of living is in question, Canadian cities regularly rank high year after year. It is one of the most stable countries in the world. Economically, and also politicly. Canada is famous as a country that cares about its citizens. It is very diverse and accepting of newcomers.

Public healthcare system

Healthcare system of Canada is world famous because it’s basically free. In most other countries, healthcare can be very expensive. In Canada, it’s not the case. Canada’s health public system is publicly funded, and all citizens can use it. Every Canadian and permanent resident applies for the government health care card. With that card, all the costs of the health care services in public hospitals and medical centers are covered.
It gets even better – free emergency medical services are available to everyone who steps to Canadian land. No matter if you just visiting Canada as a tourist or trying to get the permanent residency – in the case of the emergency, you will get the free medical care.
Besides being free, the health system of Canada is also one of the best in the world that employs only the most skilled medical stuff.

Free health care system is one of the biggest perks of moving to Canada.
Health care system of Canada is free and it’s one of the best in the world.


Canada is one of the safest countries. Crimes do happen sometimes, but the general crime rate is significantly low. Since the country rarely participates in global conflicts (almost never), it has never been a target for terrorist activities. Crime rates in the Canadian cities are remaining low for decades, and you can walk streets in the middle of the night without any fear. Moving to Canada is the perfect decision for anyone who is searching for a calm and peaceful lifestyle.

The kindest nation

You probably heard about the kindness of the Canadians. That isn’t just an empty story. People in Canada are really friendly, open-minded, accepting and always ready to help a stranger in need. When you move to Canada, you won’t have to worry about making new friends – the people will approach you. Since the life quality in Canada is at the highest level, people are more relaxed, stress-free, and not burden with everyday struggles. That gives them an opportunity to focus their energy on meeting new people and cultivate the famous Canadian kindness.

Friendliness of the Canadians is well known.
Canadians are genuinely nice and very friendly to newcomers.

School systems

When all of the above puts together, it’s enough to realize why many are moving to Canada. There’s another bonus – the great education system that this country has. Canada won the title of the world leading country in education many times. States offers great funding opportunities, grants and many scholarships for students.

The cons of moving to Canada

Once you read the biggest pros for moving to Canada, you can realize that this is a really great country to live in. Still, you should consider few of the cons that it possesses. Comparing with the pros they may seem insignificant, but they still exist.

Long immigration process

Moving to Canada requires a lot of paperwork. Getting a proper visa isn’t so easy. Since the immigration to this country has bloomed in the last couple years, the country has tightened its immigration policy. So before you fall in love in this country, be sure that you are fulfilling the legal requirements. When applying to Canadian visa and permanent residency you need to know that it maybe take a while. Explore all of your options and see what it takes to move abroad.

Hight taxes

Canada has great social programs and free health care, but they are paid through taxes. Depending on the country of your origin, you may find them really hight. They aren’t astronomical, but they are higher than in the most of other countries. Still, the tax money is spent on bettering the live quality of the residents. Also, what you monthly earn in Canada will be sufficient to pay all of your taxes and still maintain the great lifestyle. The taxes are maybe hight, but so are the salaries.

Weather in Canada

Weather in Canada can’t be put in the pros or the cons section. It all depends on the personal preferences. Many newcomers love the Canadian winters, while others struggle to adapt to them.

Can be really cold in Canada? Yes, it can. That’s a fact. It’s also a fact that for many Canadians it’s the most exciting time of the year. There are many winter activities that you can enjoy in Canada: skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, hockey outdoors, a bicycle ride on snow, many winter festivals, ice sculpture art show etc.

The most common misconception is that Canada is cold all year. That can’t be further from the true – Canada actually has spring, summer, fall, and winter.

The intensity of these seasons vary across the country, but they are all present during the year.

Winter activities are one of the pros of moving to Canada.
Winter in Canada is maybe could, but it certainly isn’t boring.

Moving tips

You consider all the pros and cons of moving to Canada, and decided that you want to relocate to this great country? Congratulations, that can be the best decision of your life. Still, you should know that relocating to Canada from abroad will be a challenging task. Planning a long distance move will require a lot of preparation and organization.

After you acquire the necessary legal documentation, you’ll need to find a new place to live in Canada, to find the reliable movers, to pack all of your belongings, transport them, unpack them, make travel arrangements for yourself, take care of all the loose ends before you move etc.

It will be stressful, but also very exciting. Hiring the moving company to conduct your relocation in case of the long distance moving isn’t the just good recommendation – it’s a necessity. The key is to find the most reliable moving company that you can trust. A reputable company like Tender Touch Moving and Storage Toronto will make sure that your moving to Canada goes without any problems and unnecessary worries.

Once you delegate the hardest tasks of relocation to professional movers, you can focus on the other important things. Like finding the perfect new home or job in Canada.

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