Light breeze, a cocktail of sun and sand with the Conga in the background – it all comes down to four words – Capital of Latin America. Yet, it’s not all about the 24/7 party with the music of Gloria Estefan. There are also the hurricane season, excellent bilingual education, the busiest port in the US and the bugs. In the following lines, you will discover our pros and cons of relocating to Miami. Whether you want to start a business or move to college, relocating to Miami is an option that you should consider. Let’s begin with the cons. – And remember if you need some help with finding reliable movers – USA Moving Reviews is here for you!

Miami beach. - something you will see often after relocating to Miami
Are you planning on moving to Miami?

Miami weather can become a problem

Weather problem would probably be number 1 con of relocating to Miami. The National Hurricane Center (NHC) is not based in Miami for any reason. Tropical monsoon climate reigns in the Magic City.  Summers here are hot and humid, that is why almost everyone has air condition. Summers are combined with dry winter and the January average 68.2°F is why most of the US envy Miami because of the weather. But from the 1st of June till the 30th of November is a time of danger in the Miami. Hurricane season officially starts and you must have that in mind before relocating to Miami. Miami itself has a high risk of floods since around 35% of homes are built upon floodplains. Hurricanes such as Wilma or Irma explain the damage that can cause, especially the financial one.

Tropical animals? Yes, sure!

Due to its geology, relocating to Miami has a new meaning. A lot of bugs and other animals linked to the tropical climate are in Miami. Because of the humidity and hot weather, the possibility to spot different spiders and some of the tropical animals in Miami is high. Especially be careful in the areas such as lakes or rivers where you will often find warning signs not to swim. Swimming will be at your own risk. Those signs are mostly because of the alligators that wander around, there were reports of crocodiles in the backyard as well. Usually, they never attack, but house pets are in danger, so choose best neighborhoods to live in Miami. Furthermore, alligator wrestling is even popular here. Still, tropical animals are another fact for our pros and cons of relocating to Miami.

Maybe too-relaxed attitude?

Moving to Miami will make you understand that people have a more relaxed sense of time in Florida. It is somewhat expected that people will be late for dinner at 7:00 pm. Whether is it because of the traffic or some other reason. You will feel that laid-back attitude especially in traffic where people mostly do not stop for pedestrians or give a turn sign. That laid-back attitude is not present when talking about Miami home prices & values. Comparing the past year, the prices are higher for 7% and the prediction is that they will continue to rise. If you plan to live alone after relocating to Miami, you might reconsider that option. Miami is among the 10 most expensive cities in America. Household incomes of around $48,000 just above the national average do not make a better picture.

Miami-financial powerhouse.
Relocating to Miami means new business ideas.

And – some pros of relocating to Miami

Yet, there is a reason why Miami is one of the most expensive cities in America. Now it’s time for the pros of relocating to Miami. Miami is not as laid back as it may seem, it represents the busiest port in the world. The number of financial institutions is high here, especially the international ones. Brickell Avenue takes the award for having the biggest number of international banks in the USA. So if you want to start a business here, relocating to Miami is a must. Burger King, American Airlines, Diageo confirm that.


Tourism is an import factor in city’s economy and most likely why the state of Florida does not have the income tax. But tourism is not the only one. Headquarters of worldwide cruise companies chose Magic City for their trading. International entry spots as Port Miami and Miami International Airport are one of the nation’s busiest ones.

Great education

The reason why there are a bunch of mentioned career options in Miami is that of the excellent education that Miami has. Number 1 employer is the Miami Dade Public Schools. They hire not only teachers but the administrative staff as well. M-DCPS are home to the International University of Florida where you can find the best colleges in Miami.

It is not only education – it’s people around you

As a gateway to the south, Miami has a bilingual population that speaks Spanish, to be more precise two third of them. Moving to Miami will boost your multicultural skills. The city found a way to use that bilingual diversity by attracting companies. Miami is even more famous when it comes to high schools. Public or private ones, together they put Miami among 5 largest public schools district in the nation. So, if you decide to come to Miami, you should know how to choose the best high school.

Diverse culture

Another key factor that can make you move to Miami is the culture. Along with the education which is one of the best, culture represents the universe of its own. The capital of Latin America means that Miami is the largest center of the people coming from South. Cuba, Honduras, and Nicaragua are among those countries.

These people love their coffee!

The city of Miami made a proclamation that 3:05 pm time is a ”cafecito” time. This is how far the impact of different cultures goes and makes Miami a great place to live. Did we mention that this is the only city in the US that has the official coffee break? Calle Ocho and food will make you fall in love with this place. Calle Ocho is a center of the Cuban population. Also, it is a place for a large number of manifestations that occur such as carnivals. Dancing and listening to newest Enrique Iglesias song is a regular day here.

People having a lunch.
Hang-out with friends and dance to Conga.

So – why not move?

When the tropical food season begins, you will smell it in the streets. By relocating to Miami you will taste some of South America’s dishes that will make you doubt your cooking skills. With the sunny weather, the beaches and the fact that everyone goes to the gym, you can have a full picture of the pros to come to Miami. Nightlife in Miami, best schools, hurricane season, financial powerhouse, tropical animals describe the city of Miami.  – So why not move?

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