Moving to Colorado from another state means it will be a lot of tasks to do. Firstly, you will need to get all things you will need to pack your possession and prepare it for transport. Secondly, you will need to look into Colorado moving company reviews, pick and book your movers. Thirdly, you will need to handle the whole bunch of tasks related to your upcoming move. Besides all of these tasks, requirements for importing pets to Colorado will be something easy to overlook. But since you plan to move with pets, you should better take time, get to know the rules, and make sure you will not break the law. For that reason, today we will remind you of important rules you should know when planning to move with pets to Colorado. Stay with us and prepare all it takes to enjoy relocation with your pet.

Take time and get to know the requirements for importing pets to Colorado

When you decide to move, there will be a lot of paperwork and document to obtain. And when you need to bring your pets with you, make sure to find out about licensing and vaccination requirements before the move. Probably, the only thing you know is that the requirements for importing pets vary from state to state. Luckily, here on our USA Moving Reviews platform, you will find out importing pets regulations when moving to Colorado. Firstly, you should know many states require some form of CVI which means Certificate of Veterinary Inspection. This Certificate ensures that only healthy animals be transported across state borders. Now you are wondering do you need CVI for importing your pet to Colorado. Let’s find out!

Cat with green eyes
Provide all documents you need to import your cat to Colorado.


One thing is for sure, before moving with a pet to Colorado your pet will need to visit a vet. So, before you contact us to appoint your moving date, make sure to provide CVI for your pet. Whether you plan to bring with you your cat, dog, rabbit, bird, or ferret, you need to obtain CVI when moving to Colorado. Is there anything else you should know before your loved pet visit the vet?

Prepare your dog or cat for moving to Colorado

Moving to another state often requires preparations that could last even several months. From planning all aspect of the move, getting needed documents to getting free moving quotes, all task requires a certain period of time. And things with preparing your pets for the move could also take several months.

A person thinking about requirements for importing pets to Colorado while her dog is at the vet
Follow the requirements for importing pets to Colorado and prepare your dog for the move.

If your cat or dog is older than 3 months, they must be vaccinated for rabies within 12 months prior to entry to the state of Colorado. CVI must contain data about the type of vaccination and the date of administration. Only accredited veterinarians can issue CVI for your pets within 30 days prior to entry. And you need to follow all these requirements for importing pets to Colorado, without exception. Hope this article helped you prepare all it takes for moving your pet to Colorado.

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