One of the things you need to think about when deciding to move is the moving date. Most people decide to move because of professional or family reasons and do not have the benefit of getting to pick and choose the move day. If you have the privilege of getting to choose your move date, start by looking at moving in off-peak season. Here are the reasons why you should start thinking about moving in the off-peak season.

What is the off-peak season?

The cheapest time of the year regarding moving is winter as there is low demand. If you dread the process of moving in the harshest winter, try looking at spring. This may be a better solution if you are moving with children. Also, the weather is not as bad, and there is still lower demand in March and April. Just choose the moving services you need the most and you’ll be prepared to handle anything.

Question Moving in off-peak season
Find out everything about moving in off-peak season.

Have more options

If you decide to move in the off-peak season, you will have much greater flexibility with picking and setting a move date. Another reason to pick the off-peak season is that you will have a bigger choice of companies and you will also have more time to make a weighted-out decision. So, go and make an educated decision based on reading moving company reviews and find yourself a moving company that can suit all your needs.

Get a better deal with moving in off-peak season

You can get a better moving quote if you contact more than just one company. Try contacting a few companies and ask for an estimate so you can set your budget around it.

Moving in off-peak season requires a smaller budget.

Another great thing about moving in the off-peak season is that usually, the prices are lower as there is a lesser amount of jobs. Moving in the off-peak season is usually less stressful and it is easier to find reliable movers.

Declutter before the move

Firstly, you need to decide what needs to be moved and what needs to be donated or thrown away in order to reduce the moving cost even more. There is no use in paying more and moving furniture that you don’t really want or need. So, take this time and really think about what you want to keep, what you want to donate, and what needs to be thrown away.

Declutter before the move and reduce the number of things that need to be moved.

There is no need for paying more or even renting storage for things you don’t need. The best way of getting rid of your furniture is to donate it, and there are organizations that will pick up donations for free, such as GreenDrop, Habitat for Humanity, Pick Up Please, Furniture band, The Arc and AMVETS.

Find someone reliable

Now when you know when to move, the next step is to choose a company to move you. If you are not feeling like an expert in choosing and are afraid of making a mistake, learn how to recognize reliable moving services. All of this should help you out in making the right decision about moving in off-peak season.

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