When moving, it is important to include all the costs so you know what your budget is. One of the costs may be to pay a deposit for the move. Some moving companies will require from you a deposit to hold the moving date if you are moving in peak season or there is a lot of business in that area. But don’t fret, this does not need to break the bank nor it is that common. If you do not want the additional cost, you can always go through cheap movers NYC reviews, and find your match.

Is it common to pay a deposit for the move?

Deposits are not common, but you do not have to always pay a deposit for the move. If the moving company you choose asks you for a deposit, you need to ask why it is required.

Family pay a deposit for the move
Some companies will ask you to pay a deposit for the move at the peak of the moving season.

Some companies will require you to pay a deposit for the move at the peak of the season because they are scared that they will lose jobs because of cancellations. Most established moving companies will not ask for a deposit. If you are not certain about what you should look for in a moving company, the way they react to questions about deposits and costs are a good indication of how they will treat you in general.

Avoid a moving broker

A request to pay a deposit for the move will more likely come from a moving broker. A moving broker is a third-party company that provides a truck and movers. Even though it may seem easier, it is recommendable to avoid a moving broker. Instead of that, you should try reading other people’s reviews on USA Moving Reviews.

How much does the deposit for the move cost?

If you decide to go with a firm that is asking for a deposit, it is important to know how much money is acceptable. Moving companies usually base the cost of the deposit on the percentage of the cost of the move, so moving internationally or long distance will be more expensive. Interstate moving will be more expensive than intrastate or local moves as the cost is based on distance and weight.

Companies will charge you a deposit based on a percentage of the cost of the move.

What happens to the deposit in the case of a cancellation?

If you have chosen a reliable moving company and asked for a deposit, you will have a reasonable amount of time to cancel the move and retain your deposit. The time for cancellations is usually a minimum of two weeks before the move date. But if they’re worried you might cancel on short notice, movers can ask for a deposit. You will know the penalty date before signing the moving contract, so there is no need to worry.

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