With a little planning and organization, packing a children’s room for a long-distance relocation to Colorado can be a smooth and enjoyable experience for both parents and children. There are several strategies you can use, and we from USA Moving Reviews will share with you the best ones. Let’s see what’s the right way to pack kids’ room for a long distance move.

Label boxes clearly when packing kids’ room for a long distance move

Labeling boxes clearly while you pack kids’ room for a long distance move is important for two reasons: Organization and ease of unpacking. Start by labeling the box with your child’s name and the contents of the box. it’s also helpful to label the room the box belongs to. Color coding each child’s boxes is another useful way to keep things organized. Our Colorado moving company reviews have shown us this is the most useful and important tip regarding this topic.

Child with stuffed toys
When you pack kids’ room for a long distance move, make sure their favorite toys are always nearby!

Use clear plastic bins

Clear plastic bins are durable, stackable, and provide visibility of the contents, making it easier to locate items when unpacking. Clear bins are also great for storing small items, such as toys and clothes. To keep items in place during the move, consider using packing paper or bubble wrap to fill any empty spaces in the bin. By using clear plastic bins, you can streamline the packing process and ensure a successful move for your family. For more useful tips regarding this matter, check out our nationwide movers reviews on our website. 

Pack bedding last

When you pack kids’ room for a long distance move, consider packing the bedding last. This is a good strategy as it provides a comfortable place to sleep on the first night in the new home. Set aside a few sets of sheets, pillows, and blankets for each bed, and pack the rest of the bedding in labeled boxes. This will make it easier to find bedding when unpacking. Additionally, packing bedding last ensures that it remains clean and free from any potential damage that may occur during the move.

Kid about to pack his room for a long distance move
Triple-check if you have to while you’re packing your kids’ room for a long distance move, in order to make sure nothing gets left behind

Pack a first-night box 

This box should contain essentials that your family will need during the first night and the next morning. We mean things like toiletries, pajamas, towels, a change of clothes, etc. You may also want to include some comfort items, such as favorite stuffed animals or books from your kids. Check the weather in Colorado before moving, to know what kind of clothes you should pack. This is the last but equally important step on how to pack kids’ room for a long distance move. If you need any additional help, contact your local Colorado movers

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