The year 2020 will stay in our memory as one of the most turbulent years ever. Every time trade is in crisis, people move their homes. When we get a new job, it is normal to consider moving. When your parents get sick, you want to be close to them. Not only will we be closer to our new job or family, but also we will take an opportunity to change our routine. When we lose a job and strive to find a new one, hiring movers can be the right step for each of us. Anyway, if you think it would be good for you to move to another state, start reading our USA Moving Reviews. We will help you move to your new address and decide between the states people moved to and from in 2020. With our help, you will find reliable moving services for your task.

Take time and find out which states people moved to and from in 2020

In 2020 many companies were forced to stop running their businesses. Unluckily, many people had lost their jobs and that was changed everything. Therefore, moving to another city or state is a chance to manage your finances and overcome turbulence. When these things start to happen, it is wise to hire trustworthy movers and move to a smaller place. This will help you cut costs and manage your budget.

Find out which states people moved to and from in 2020
Research the list of states people moved to and from in 2020.

If you still have your job and want to cut your costs anyway, you may want to know if you should leave your current state. Still, this decision is not easy for many people. Nevertheless, you should always know your options. Since New York is one of the most expensive states to live in, we know you must be thinking about leaving. Even if you got a promotion amid Corona Pandemic, you need to keep your budget in mind anyway. Should you hire moving companies New York and move to another state? We hope this list of states people moved from in 2020 will help you decide.

Lists of states people moved to and from in 2020

These are the states with the highest percentage of outbound moves in 2020:

  1. New York – 66.4 percent;
  2. Illinois – 62.5 percent;
  3. New Jersey – 60.6 percent;
  4. Louisiana – 60.1 percent;
  5. West Virginia – 59.8 percent;
  6. Nebraska – 58.3 percent;
  7. Minnesota – 57.9 percent;
  8. Indiana – 57.8 percent;
  9. California – 57.1 percent;
  10. Iowa – 56.1 percent;

These are the states with the highest percentage of inbound moves in 2020:

  • Idaho – 66.4 percent;
  • North Carolina – 64.6 percent;
  • Maine – 62.4 percent;
  • New Hampshire – 61.6 percent;
  • Alabama – 60.8 percent;
  • District of Columbia – 60.2 percent;
  • New Mexico – 60.0 percent;
  • Nevada – 59.8 percent;
  • Alaska – 58.6 percent;
  • Kentucky – 57.7 percent;
Idaho landscape
Idaho has a lot to offer to its residents.

In conclusion

If you are living in New York, Illinois, or New Jersey maybe it is time for you to start researching cross country movers reviews. The most important for you is to decide if moving to another state is good for your family but also your budget. If you are always dreaming about quiet and slower life somewhere in Idaho or North Carolina, this can be an ideal chance for you to move. Make sure to make the right choice and chose the state you like the most!

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