A long distance moving day checklist includes a lot of things, but most important, it must be precise. There are steps that you must make during the last day, and some of them are not that simple. So, prepare this list and do not forget to rely on good company. Check USA Moving Reviews for advice.

What to write on long-distance moving day checklist?

There are a lot of things that you should put on this list. Most of them are highly important for proper packing and transporting.

  • A long-distance moving day checklist usually includes a lot of small steps that this day presumes;
  • It is very important to rely on a good company that will make this day easier – check Dallas moving company reviews for advice;
  • You should put on paper even the smallest things, so you will not forget anything.
A man making a long distance moving day checklist
You can write long distance moving day checklist on any device

Gather moving supplies

Before starting with packing you need to have all packing supplies nearby you. It will make the process of packing faster and easier. On the other hand, you will need to pack items carefully, to avoid damage. It would be harder if you need to buy another plastic roll or a few more boxes. So, prepare all before packing. You will find on Denver movers reviews recommendations for the company.

Pack essential box or bag

It is very important to be prepared for the first night after the move and you will do it only if prepare an essential bag. However, this bag should include items needed for safe and comfortable traveling, like snacks, medicine, or spare wardrobe. You will need to pack all before starting with packing. Also, check for free moving quote before starting with packing.

What to do on the last day?

You should have a lot of steps that make your moving faster and easier. Do not forget the steps that will make your moving relaxed, too.

Prepare food and snacks for the workers

As you may know, workers will have much more jobs than you and they need to make pauses and relax. The best way to help them is to prepare snacks and food for that moment. It should not be too expensive food, but you should show that you are thankful for the effort they show. You can also ask them what they like the most. Do not serve alcohol in any circumstance.

to-do list
You should have a moving list with you all the time

Organize saying goodbye with the neighbor

There are a lot of reasons why friends are important. Although you have surely said goodbye to the neighbors before, this is an emotional moment when you will have an opportunity to say it again. They have been the closest person to you, so you should not forget to give them a last hug and wave. Do not forget that this moment will take a little longer, so prepare yourself for it, too.

Check every room

It is highly important to check rooms after you have packed all. Although you may feel that all is done when boxes are closed, sometimes people forget the most important things. There are small items, or shoes, wardrobe, and furniture that you can forget. You should put it on the long-distance moving day checklist this item, too.


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