We all know when moving we have to be careful and focused. If we are not we can make a number of moving mistakes that can be very costly. That is why we should organize our move the best way we can.  To have a moving experience without much stress, try to remember few valuable moving tips. Follow few simple instructions and avoid the most common moving mistakes. Find the best movers in New York and relocate with ease.

Top tips for preparing the best move

Tip no. 1 – Take your time!

Consider that preparing all of the aspects of your move can take more time than you expect. Even if you are in a situation when you have to move last minute, try to have at least a weak or two before the moving day. When you move long distance, try to find the best long distance movers in New Jersey. If you organize a long distance move, consider hiring professional moving assistance. Professional movers will help you organize your move even if you don’t have much time to prepare.

Tip no. 2 – Make a to-do list!

To avoid moving mistakes, make sure you make a to-do list. You can find the template for a to-do list free online. Making a to-do list will help you not to forget anything when you organize your move. Also, you can create more than one to do list for the time before, during and after the move. That way you will be more relaxed and organized during your relocation.

Tip no.3 – Calculate the budget for your move!

Before you start looking for reliable movers to help you move, make sure you know your moving budget. Not knowing your finances during relocation is one of the most common moving mistakes people make. That is why you should be prepared and calculate everything before you start.

Tip no.4 – De-clutter before you start packing

You can save money on your move when you get rid of all the items you no longer need. Also, all the unnecessary items you don’t use you can sell or donate to charity. The important thing is that you don’t relocate all of your items, only essentials. That way you will save money on your move and moving expenses.

the budget
When you know your moving budget, finding reliable movers will be easier.

Research your movers before you hire them

To avoid possible fraudulent movers, consider checking the moving company you like in detail. If you know everything about your movers, you will avoid one of the biggest and the most common moving mistakes ever. You should research the company you like online. Also, make sure to get as much information about the company as you can. When searching for the best movers, consider their online presence. Reliable moving companies tend to have the great online presence. Also, reliable movers often show all the important information about the company on their official websites. On the other hand, to avoid moving mistakes make sure you check the company’s validity and search the mover’s database with their ID number.

searching online
Reliable movers often show all the important information about the company on their official websites.

When you choose the best moving company for relocation, consider all other services that the moving company provides. If the movers you like offer more than one service, your move can be much easier. Check your mover’s reviews on more than one website. Also, make sure your movers don’t have any official complaints in the past. You will be in good hands with the movers that have years of experience. Also, movers with experience that have a longstanding tradition tend to work faster and be more efficient than other movers. Keep reading and find out how to avoid moving mistakes when hiring the best moving company for your needs.

Get the best moving quote

Before you hire any mover, ask for a moving quote. The moving quote is the estimate of the moving price. Every reputable moving company will offer you a moving quote. Getting the moving quote is free. Consider getting a quote from more than one different moving company before you make your final decision.

When you contact movers for a quote make sure they come to your residence and do the estimate in person. After they do a survey of all the items you want to relocate, they will give you the official company’s quote. The quote is the official signed a document that is more or less a contract if you decide to hire that moving company. Also, there is more than one type of the moving quotes. You should ask for a binding quote for your move. That means you will receive the estimate of the final price without any possible additional costs.

If you are on a budget for your move, let your movers know. When they come to do an estimate, tell them about the budget for your move. In most cases, moving professionals will help you organize your move and give you advice about the best way to proceed.

Make sure not to forget the insurance policy for your move. Your movers should offer you multiple insurance solutions for the safety of your belongings during the moving process.

Tips for packing for a move and avoid common moving mistakes

packing box
When your belongings are not packed securely and safely during the move, problems may arise.

Most common moving mistakes people make while they pack their belongings. If your belongings are not secure and safe during the move, problems may arise. To avoid moving mistakes while packing follow next few tips:

  • Use professional packing supplies to protect your belongings
  • Label all the boxes correctly
  • Ask your movers for the list of items they won’t relocate. If you don’t pack “forbidden items”, you will avoid problems with your movers
  • Avoid moving mistakes and tell your movers about valuable items. That way they will take special care to protect it for the move
  • If you pack by yourself, start packing a week or two before the moving day
  • Avoid delays and additional expenses and empty and defrost your fridge and freezer before the moving day.

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