There are certain risks of non-binding estimates that you should know about. Clients usually accept not planned costs presuming that they will be lower than on other agencies. However, there are a lot of situations when you cannot predict final costs and they could be higher in the end. To avoid all problems, check USA Moving Reviews and find the company that promises quality and low prices.

Which are the risks of non-binding estimates?

A non-binding estimate is a price that is not defined before the move starts. Companies usually use it to attract clients, offering better conditions and lower prices for their services. However, the final cost depends on the weight, packing material, and time of moving, which they cannot predict before moving. It is the reason why is choosing not planned costs a little dangerous, especially if you have not learned tips for dealing with bad NJ movers.

Avoiding risks of non-binding estimates could save you a lot of money

Hidden fees

There are companies that use the non-binding estimates to increase the price of moving to an unexpected amount. They will explain it with the unplanned costs that they had during the move. Among them are a usually higher weight of boxes, or using more packing material than you have planned. The key could be finding the right company using Denver moving reviews and relying on comments that users left.

Lowball quotes

Companies will do whatever they can to attract clients and customers. One of the ways is to offer a lower price for their services, which could be very attractive. However, it could be a scam or a sign that the company is not quite professional. Sometimes, the lower price could be much higher than you have expected. for many people is important to make sure movers won’t steal.

What happens when the price is higher?

The major problem with the non-binding price is the higher cost than you have planned. Some companies use this method as a scam, increasing the final price at the end.

Choose professional company

A good moving company will always give the right information. However, a poor moving company cannot estimate the cost of moving precisely. They will have trouble organizing jobs or precisely saying how much the move could cost. For those reasons cooperate only with the right companies.

  • The good moving company will avoid all risks of non-binding estimates;
  • Try to explain all possible troubles that could affect the price – some of them are connected to the amount of stuff you have;
  • Pay attention to the communication and the cooperation with the company – and learn the importance of the communication;
  • Make sure that you have understood the details that people in the company said.
  • Compare prices and conditions with other companies, too.
Depending on number of boxes that you will use, the price of moving will be higher

If you avoid telling all information about the move and the situation, the company cannot make a good plan. In that case, it is not their fault if they do not estimate the right price. On the other hand, you should have good communication with the company and understand their prices and offers. Only in that way you can decrease the risks of non-binding estimates.


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