The decision about moving brings many fears and happiness at the same time. No matter if you are moving to the near neighborhood, another city or a country, you will be so excited about your decision. Otherwise, while you’re daydreaming about your new apartment and a new job, your excitement turns to anxiety. That is because you are becoming aware of how difficult and pricey moving will be. Besides, owning giant items such as pool-table or piano is another issue that occurs. Those special moving services that cost extra have a huge influence on your budget. Unfortunately, it’s not the same if you are moving a piano to a near neighborhood and to another city or country. First of all, the prices will be different. But is there another difference between interstate and intrastate moving? There are many differences, so follow the main facts by reading this article.

The main difference between Interstate and Intrastate moving

Living in the same country all of your life has its advantages. As life goes on and you go through different stages, your needs are not always the same. In case you decide to move to another city, you will be able to take some new opportunities. But before you even start planning your move, you are probably wondering is your budget enough to provide you with comfortable moving? Especially if you already make a decision to move interstate. Don’t worry, we have tips for hiring a trustworthy interstate moving company. But maybe you should decide on intrastate moving. It will be cheaper, isn’t it?  Will that change your decision? So we come to the difference between local and long-distance move.

Difference Between Interstate and Intrastate Moving?
Regulations are different for local moving comparing to long-distance moving.

Interstate and Intrastate moving

First and foremost, you should know there are two types of moves. The interstate or long-distance move involves transporting items from one state to another. Differing from interstate, an intrastate or local move, is within the same state. It means that the moving truck stays within a state border. The term interstate, in fact, means that the commercial truck driver moves cargo or people across state lines. Crossing a state line during any time of the move is an interstate moving. Consequently, it will be classified as a long-distance move. Are rules the same for both, for interstate and intrastate moving? No, they are not. Rules applying to interstate moves are not the same as those for intrastate moves. Also, you can find answers about what is the cost of a long-distance or interstate move. Moreover, you can get information about additional interstate moving costs, too.

It is obvious how interstate moving is different from intrastate moving.

Hiring professional movers

Unquestionably, you should ease your long-distance move by hiring a company that’s already prepared for your specific job. Whether you’re relocating locally or long-distance, make sure your moving company is registered at Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Interstate or long-distance moving companies are subject to FMCSA regulations and are aware of varying state regulations for the relocation of goods. In case your move is strictly local or intrastate, you will not have to worry about changes in state moving regulations or obtaining permits. That is also the difference between Interstate and Intrastate moving.

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