A moving company is a business that helps people or businesses move their belonging from one place to another. As you might think now, can’t that be done by anybody? The short answer is yes, but the long one differs from that. Even though anyone can advertise their abilities to help you move your items, not everybody is legally allowed to do it. To call yourself a moving company, you need to meet certain standards, regulations and have a good reputation on USA Moving Reviews. But who regulates Colorado moving companies? Who gives out those rules and standards? This guide will give you that information.

Which are the main agencies that regulate the moving industry?

  • There are a few major agencies that regulate the moving companies in the USA:
  • The United States Department of Transportation (USDOT)
  • The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)
  • State Public Utilities Commission
  • Departments of Transportation

All these agencies have strict laws that moving companies have to abide by to do business. They mostly exist to protect the customers, aka. You, if you plan to hire a moving company for your upcoming move.

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Moving companies have to follow these rules and regulations if they want to do business

Who is in charge of regulating moving companies?

When it comes to the regulations, it can be quite tricky to understand. While the same laws usually apply to the whole country, there are also local laws that vary between every state in the USA. But most movers in every state offer free moving quotes. Moving interstate might have you wonder who regulates Colorado moving companies? Below you can find what you are interested in.

Who regulates Colorado moving companies?

The Colorado Public Utilities Commission controls the movers that relocate people inside the state of Colorado. If a mover has a permit number issued by this agency, then they are legally allowed to move goods. This number is a way for people to feel secure when hiring a certain mover in this state. Having good Colorado moving company reviews also gives people the confidence to contact a certain mover.

The need for laws and regulations

People often don’t trust moving companies, and it is for a good reason. There are a lot of scammers out there, not just in the moving industry. Not knowing who you can trust can make it difficult to confide in a certain mover. It is understandable; you need to trust someone to whom you will leave all of your belongings. The situation gets even worse if they already scammed someone. Those people are can even deny ever hiring movers again and this can be a problem. Moving is difficult, and doing it by yourself can even be impossible. Asking friends and family for help will maybe help a little, but nothing beats finding some reliable movers in Colorado. People can put their trust into the government. All they need to do it look for the numbers issues by the agencies.

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it is difficult to trust after a moving company scammed you

Who regulates Colorado moving companies – conclusion

As you can see, some agencies regulate every moving company, no matter the state. The first step you need to make when looking for a reliable mover is to see if they have their site. This might not be a 100% secure indicator of a good mover, but it is a good start. The numbers issued by the agencies mentioned above are the most secure way to check. We wish you good luck in finding good movers!

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