It would appear that Brooklyn is has been trending as a place to move to for quite some time now. But why is that? Many people ask this question very often these days. Brooklyn has earned itself a favorable New York City neighborhood title for numerous reasons. To begin with, affordability. The costs in Brooklyn are attractive, unlike the Manhattan ones. you can rent a decent apartment at bargain prices. Another advantage of moving to Brooklyn is its outdoor space. You can’t put a price tag on fresh air and stunning views. Contemporary cut-throat lifestyle has become the rat race. Correspondingly, an outdoor oasis is a must. A further advantage of moving to Brooklyn has to do with nightclubs. If you like clubbing, opt for Brooklyn. You will soon be aware of your social media followers turning green with envy. On the other hand, moving to Brooklyn is tightly related to being part of the community. Finally, its multicultural character is what makes everyone move to Brooklyn.

Young man, walking on the Brooklyn bridge.
Why is everybody moving to Brooklyn?

Is affordability one of the reasons why people move to Brooklyn?

Why is everybody moving to Brooklyn? Well, it might be due to a reasonably priced rent. You can easily find an apartment and move on a budget. Consequently, a value-for-money apartment should be the deciding factor. Relocation to Brooklyn is thus a smart financial decision. On average, a square foot in Brooklyn is lower than the one in Manhattan. To illustrate, an average asking price for the one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan is 3,350$.

On the other hand, you can rent the same-sized apartment for 2,850$ in Brooklyn. Typical three-bedroom apartment rent in Brooklyn is 3,000$. Then again it is 4,950$ in Manhattan. The cost, however, depends on the type of apartment. In case you need to tighten your belt, choose a studio apartment. If you want to tie the knot, opt for Brooklyn.

What about the outdoor areas that Brooklyn offers?

Brooklyn is riddled with olive green outdoor areas. Is there anything more soothing than a crisp morning run in the fresh air? The grassy parks, the proximity of water and turquoise sky give you a feeling of serenity. Brooklyn outdoor spaces thus reduce your stress level. It is one of  Brooklyn comparative advantages given the nowadays’ stressful lifestyle.

There are plenty of outdoor areas after moving to Brooklyn.
Moving to Brooklyn for the nature is definitely a good call.

The picturesque scenery will give you the strength to cope with a  busy business day. Brooklyn offers you taking a deep breath while in the pier looking onto Manhattan. The calm azure water will give you a piece of mind. The outdoor space is hence one of the biggest Brooklyn advantages. Why is everyone moving to Brooklyn? Because of its outdoor areas. With this in mind, it’s high time you begin to search for reliable moving experts in Brooklyn. Once you manage to find and contact the trustworthy movers of your choosing, you will definitely have an easier time relocating here.

Nightclubs definitely have a part to play in people moving to Brooklyn

Brooklyn has become a hotbed for trendy nightclubs. Firstly, it is renowned for its top-notch sound system clubs. Secondly, you can stumble upon many DJs playing different genres of music. Crowded dance areas of Brooklyn nightclubs are Brooklyn nightlife pride and joy. That’s where you can show off your dance movements. Besides, you will impress your Instagram followers by posting a dance hall party pic. The thriving underground scene is fraught with techno and house stages.

Also, Brooklyn is known to be a hipster subculture nucleus. The intimate atmosphere is what makes people drawn to Brooklyn’s nightclubs. Roomy space, performance stages and the see-and-be-seen rule of thumb are appealing for all the night owls. Sensory overwhelming LED lights and eclectic tunes are all-important as well. Additionally, themed-bars enrich booming Brooklyn’s night scene. Really, why is everyone moving to Brooklyn?

Brooklyn provides you with a sense of belonging

Brooklyn is a tightly knit neighborhood. The sense of belonging to the community is very clear. You will have a hard time choosing the best schools in Brooklyn due to a myriad of them. Brooklyn is full of urgent care centers with non-stop working hours. One of the advantages of living in Brooklyn is its parent support network. Parents can meet and discuss burning questions regarding their children’s needs. This is of paramount importance when it comes to parents of kids with special needs. Since they need extra care, parents can benefit from sharing the same concerns. The feeling of solidarity is an immense help. Next, Brooklyn offers a variety of engaging activities such as

  • bowling alleys
  • kid-pleasing museums
  • sports programs
  • after school and weekend classes

So, why is everyone moving to Brooklyn? Maybe because not feeling alone matters.

Brooklyn is a melting pot of cultures

Brooklyn is a crossroads for many cultures. People of different nationalities make Brooklyn culturally colorful. The mixture of customs and languages contributes to its ethnical diversity. The Russian community gives Brooklyn a unique charm. A thick Russian accent and the smell of vodka revive the spirit of Moscow. Furthermore, Latino dance shapes the multicultural character of Brooklyn.

Chinese elements in Brooklyn park.
Brooklyn really does combine multiple cultures.

Moreover, you can’t avoid Chinese restaurants. As a result, Chinese culture has been rapidly spreading owing to delicious food. In addition, the Brooklyn Japanese American Family Association organizes the Year of the Boar celebration. It includes traditional Japanese food and origami-making. You can play Japanese chess and participate in old-fashioned Japanese games.  Brooklyn Botanic Garden is proud of its Japanese garden. It’s where you can enjoy rose-colored cherry blossoms. Being multicultural means being tolerant and open-minded. The basis of cultural diversity is accepting different people. Just like Brooklyn is.

To sum up, Brooklyn is an affordable neighborhood with reasonable prices. If you are thinking about starting a family, opt for Brooklyn. Next, it has spacious outdoor areas that will sweep you off your feet. Olive green treetops and beaming sunshine are an invaluable asset. Additionally, its nightlife grows vigorously. If going out is not your cup of tea, you can be tucked in Brooklyn’s sense of belonging. Feeling you are indeed a part of the community gives you comfort. If you belong, you are not alone. Sometimes it’s all you need to know. In case you are interested in different cultures, Brooklyn is the right choice. Given it’s a melting pot of cultures, it will offer you a plethora of cultural influences. And variety is the spice of life.

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