Now all the fuss around moving is gone and here you are in the new city, standing in the place that should be your new home. You have done it all right. You have followed your plan, picked a reputable moving company and made it to your goal. Now you have finally moved, you are asking yourself what is your next move. Here are some simple rules on adjusting to a new city.

Be a tourist for a while

You know how we always enjoy visiting new places on our vacation, we say: “I could live here!”. Well, that is exactly what you are doing right now. Try to look at you new city through the eyes of a tourist. Take a walk through your new neighborhood, explore the local stores and restaurants. Admire the sites and land views like you are on vacation. Visit some local exhibition or sports event, it is helpful to feel involved. Very soon you will have a favorite coffee shop, your new neighbors will start saying hi in passing and you will feel accepted.

Build your nest

Whether you are renting or you have bought a place, giving it a personal touch your own will help you feel like home. That way you will get used to a new city much faster. It does not take a lot of time or money, the point is in little things. Fill the shelf with your favorite books and place photos with your loved ones around the room. Few cushions, blanket, some table and bed covers in your favorite colors are a cheap and easy way to decorate your new home and make it your sacred temple.

Make your new place a home while adjusting to a new city.
Make your new place a home.

Meet people while adjusting to a new city

Fear of the unknown is a part of human nature. Do not be hard on yourself for feeling this way, that is perfectly normal. You may have a feeling that everybody is staring at you because you are new in the town. Remember, that is just your impression. Every city you choose is full of newcomers. There are much more people in the same situation than you can imagine. Making new friendships can take some time but that is the fun part in adjusting to a new city. Dare to mingle and to make a small talk. Ask questions and accept help from locals. In a blink of an eye, you will be the one answering them and giving the instructions to some stranger on the street. At that moment you will realize you are not a stranger anymore.

Make a new friendships while adjusting to a new city.
Open up to the new people while adjusting to a new city.

Stay on your budget

Although the most expensive part was the moving itself, the first period in the new city can be financially hard too. You may need to store some of your belongings and recover from moving costs. You could consider getting rid of some things and save money, especially if you do not use them. Here are some quick tips on how to save money after the move.

  • Always bring a list when shopping, it helps not to get carried away.
  • Set your financial goals and stick to them. It does not mean you should not get yourself a treat every once in a while, but try to stick to the plan. This gets us to the next tip.
  • Reward yourself without spending the money. This is something you can practice while adjusting to a new city. There are many fun and productive things you can do for free. Jogging, reading, free concerts, and festivals are just some of them. So try to find something that makes you feel good for free.
  • Spend only money you can see. When you become used to using a credit card regularly, it can be easy to forget the value of money and track of your spending. Using cash maybe sounds a little vintage but it can help you take the control over your expenses.
  • Try using a budgeting smartphone application. Mint, Expensify, and ReadyForZero are a few easy-to-use applications that can help you with your budgeting.

Appreciate the differences and do not compare them

At some point of your adjusting to a new city, you will be tempted to compare it with your hometown. You will catch yourself thinking that your old home was nicer or that you could see your loved ones every day. Thinking of all the things you miss can be toxic for you. Try to embrace all the new things that you will grow to love, rather than focusing on what it lacks.

Keep in touch

While getting used to a new city and making new friendships, do not forget the old ones. You will probably have more news to tell than your loved ones, but remember to ask them about their life too. Your old home and some of your things you may have to give up when moving, not the people. Maintain your old relationships while making a room for new ones.

Maintain your relationships while adjusting to a new city.
Maintain your relationships.


The fact is that the relocation is one of the most difficult decisions people face in life. Dealing with biggest concerns when moving always brings us a lot of stress. Interesting thing is that we get used to that stress and after it, we are having trouble relaxing. That is why you need to stop for a moment, take a deep breath and give yourself time to adjust and settle down. Have a lazy day, take a walk without a plan or enjoy your favorite recreation while adjusting to a new city. Your body and mind will be grateful.

Give yourself a time and accept all the phases adjusting to a new city brings you. Be patient and open yourself to a new environment. When you are positive and accepting, good things happen.


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