When it comes to difficult life tasks, we all know that moving is one of them. Hiring the best rated moving companies in US is a great way to make your move easier. Despite all the hard work you put in, the decision for the right moving company is no easy task. Consequently, be wise and do your best to find reliable movers. Are you wondering how to find a reputable moving company? There is a  good way, and we can help you to consider the traits of reliable moving companies. This is an opportunity for you to skip all frauds. We will show you how to recognize the best moving companies. Additionally, let us present to you some of them. Above all, you need to make the right choice according to your needs and priorities.

Traits of best rated moving companies in US

  • Online reviews – Of course you should research reviews on the Internet. A search through moving companies reviews is a good way to decide for the best rated moving company in the US. It could save you from scams. But also, it can save your nerves, too. Take enough time and start early your research.
  • Many years of experience – The company has been on the market for a long time. Probably they have a lot of satisfied customers. Their crew is high-quality and very responsible and skilled. They have special equipment that can make your move faster.
  • They are licensed and insured –  You should check USDOT number, if they don’t have it, it could be a fraud. Make sure you get insurance even from the best rated moving company.
  • Affordable price – Stay away from suspicious companies who ask for a large up-front payment. Some companies have a lot of hidden fees. Advice to that is to ask about all unclarities. Moreover, they can offer you surprisingly low rates, that could be a scam.
Best rated moving companies in US
Research moving insurance options before signing a contract.


Best rated moving companies in US

United Van Lines- one of the best rated moving companies in US

United Van Lines was founded in 1928. The company is located in Missouri. They offer full-service moving along with storage facility and container services. There are over 300 agents ready to help with not only local moving but also international moving. United Van Lines is federally licensed to provide interstate moving services to households and businesses moving cross country. The company offers international moving services to more than 180 countries around the world. Exactly, they cover all states except for Hawaii.

Map of the world.
They can cover more than 180 countries around the world.

Mayflower Transit

With more than 90 years of leading the long-distance moving industry, they can understand your needs. Mayflower Transit has a well-trained crew of movers. They are professionals and you can rely on their experience. Instead of stressing out, let the professionals handle your long-distance move. Mayflower Transit will offer you an affordable price and high-quality service.


Take a quick look at Bellhops reviews and you’ll see that many customers refer to Bellhops by their first names. Bellhops are rapidly approaching its 200,000th move. They are proud that more than 20 percent of its customers use its services within a given year. They can offer you local moving and long-distance moving. But also a labor-only moving services.

Wheaton Worldwide Moving

They are the fourth largest van line and cover over 95 percent of the United States. Definitely, it is about one of the best rated moving companies in US. After more than 70 years of experience behind, they will be a great choice for your relocating. Instead of worrying and hustle, stay relaxed. Wheaton World Moving can make the whole process easy and convenient.

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