Donating your stuff is always a noble thing to do. Donating when moving, however, is not just noble. It’s a good moving practice! But why exactly should you do it? What are the benefits? And what should you even donate? After all, you can’t give just anything away! Where should you give it to anyway? Which organizations take furniture and which take food? Are there any causes that are special and dear to you personally and how can you support them if you’re planning on donating when moving? There are so many things to consider. But USA Moving Reviews has the answers to all these questions and more.

Donating when moving – why should you do it?

Donating when moving is a great way to kill two birds with one stone: help yourself while helping others. The benefits of donations are there for both you, the organization receiving your donation and the one helped by that organization. There are really no downsides!

Donating when moving - Note that says "Practice kindness".
Donating helps both you and others.

Benefits to you

When you’re moving on a budget, you’ll do a lot of things to help save money. One of them is probably finding cheap movers. Another may be selling some of your stuff. But donating when moving can also be a way to add a few dollars to your budget. How? Well, keep those donation receipts because donations are tax-deductible! And once you’ve given some of your stuff away, the load you’re moving will be lighter. Since most movers charge by weight, you’ll save there too! Not to mention, it won’t take you as much time to pack things if you don’t have so many of them. In fact, you’ll save time unpacking too and with the added bonus of starting life at your new home in a neat, decluttered space!

Benefits to others

Let’s not forget what charity is all about: helping others. If you’re donating when moving, you are potentially saving someone from going hungry, cold or homeless. The old clothes you no longer wear may be the best someone else has had in a long time. The food you won’t get to eat before moving will feed someone who otherwise wouldn’t get to it. The furniture local charities sell will help them gather money to provide support to those in need. If you’re having a hard time parting with some of your things, just think about all the good you’re doing. That’s bound to make you feel better!

What should you be donating when moving?

There are plenty of things you should get rid of when moving. Not all of them can be donated, of course: whatever you’re giving away must still be useable after all. But other than that caveat, there’s very little you can’t donate. Charities are remarkably creative and varied. You’ll certainly find one that takes exactly the kind of thing you want to give.

Goodwill store sign.
You can donate just about anything to Goodwill.


The movers at are certainly capable of moving all your furniture for you, but do you really want them to? A new home is an opportunity for a new start, so why not donate your old furniture and start fresh? New, lightly used and even showing some wear and tear – furniture can be donated in just about any useable condition. Plenty of charities accept furniture and similar household items, including The Furniture Bank Association of America, Donation Town, Habitat for Humanity ReSale and Goodwill. Most will even pick the items up from your home. Some do, however, have rules about what they accept (unframed mirrors and glass or upholstered furniture with visible tears and stains may be rejected, for example). Contact a representative or check out their website first!


Clothes are one of the easiest things to donate. They’re light, easy to pack and widely accepted in charities. We totally understand if you have some difficult parting with your favorite items and that’s perfectly okay! But a good rule of thumb is that everything you haven’t worn in two years should go. You may have personally outgrown it, but plenty of people would love to have all those jeans, tops, dresses, jackets and coats you no longer need. You can even donate shoes, socks, underwear and baby clothes! Dress for Success, Career Gear, Savers, Loved Twice, Newborns in Need, as well as Goodwill, are just some of the charities accepting clothes as donations.


Donating when moving is a great idea when it comes to extra food you won’t manage to eat before the big day. You’re not going to be taking perishables with you anyway as most movers don’t move food. So why not feed someone who would otherwise go hungry? Generally speaking, you can donate anything in uncompromised packaging and within its due date. Canned and dry food, however, is most useful. Most local food banks accept pet food as well, but if they don’t pet shelters will! Visit Feeding America to find your local food pantry.

Soup cans on a shelf.
Donate food to local food banks to feed the homeless and the poor.

Other household goods

Some charities that don’t accept large and bulky items will still take smaller household goods. Linens, towels, dishes, kitchenware, small appliances and electronics, and even home decor can all be donated if you know where. Vietnam Veterans of America are a good place to start as they will pick up almost anything in good condition. Local pet shelters will also accept bedclothes and towels as well as pet food and toys. Your books will find a great home at the local library. For everything else, ask at your local churches: they will often organize specific donation drives or know who does!

Where to donate your stuff when moving?

As you can see, there are plenty of charities you can turn to for donations of all kinds. Some, like Feeding America, Goodwill and The Furniture Bank Association of America, are present pretty much nation-wide. Others like Habitat for Humanity or the Red Cross are even international (though they operate on a national level). These are all generally good options for large and varied donations as they tend to accept a wider variety of things. But if you have the time and want to put in the effort, research your local non-profits, organizations, and shelters. They often get overlooked and your community will greatly appreciate your help!

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