Let’s face it – moving can get pretty expensive. Sometimes it’s just not about how many things you have, but how much they weigh or how much space they take up. Because of this, there are countless guides online on how you can save money while moving. People will try to make the move easier on their wallet, or try to find some shortcuts to it. One of the best ways, though, is to simply know how to find cheap movers. Professional movers can not only help you – they can make your life easier during the move. While they pack up and transport your things, you can focus on chores like canceling the utilities or finishing the paperwork. On the other hand, finding bad movers will just make your life more difficult. Find out how to find and hire good and cheap movers in this article.

Start by asking around

One of the first things you can do is simply ask around. There are people around you who might have moved quite recently. These can be within your family, or some of your friends or colleges. Even if no one has moved, they maybe know someone who has. Getting in touch with these people will help you find local movers for your upcoming move. They can also give you a lot of useful information about the moving company they used. Maybe they can tell you great stuff, or that you should stay away from those movers. You will not know until you ask.

People talking over coffee.
People you know can help you in your search.

Remember, don’t just ask which moving company they used, but also about the experience they had. Don’t ask them broad questions like whether or not they were happy. Instead, focus on the details. What is one thing they would change about their moving company? Were the movers polite and efficient? Was something damaged during the move and how long did the transport take? You can also ask them about the cost of the move – if they are willing to share it. How else will you know how to find cheap movers if not by asking about this?

How to find cheap movers – searching online

If you are just not able to get in touch with people who moved recently, then it’s time to hit the Internet. There is so much useful information you can find online – and where to find cheap movers is one of these. First, start by finding websites that give you local moving companies. Then, go to various reliable review websites and browse for the said company. You will want to get a general gist of who the company is before you even call it. It is pointless to waste time talking to a moving company that people are only complaining about, right?

Google can help you find cheap movers.
You can find cheap movers online

When looking into reviews, there are certain things you need to be aware of. Sometimes, fraudulent movers will find a way to trick the system. They will, in turn, end up only with amazing five-star reviews. If something seems fishy to you – then it probably is. Keep in mind that it is perfectly normal for a company to have a handful of unsatisfied clients if it has worked for years.

However, if there is a trend of negative reviews, make sure you talk to the moving company about the problem they mention. Maybe they used to do something wrong but have fixed this in the meantime. It is important to address your worries before you start to calculate the cost of your Brooklyn move. That way you will know how much money you will need for your relocation.

How to recognize fake reviews

Negative fake reviews are one of the biggest issues moving companies have to deal with it. They do not only come from people who are paid to leave bad comments, but from bots as well. You can easily recognize them because there are generic and do not offer any further explanation on why they had negative feedback. These are some of the traps you need to avoid to hire good and affordable movers for your relocation. This will make raise your chances of finding good movers. Especially if you are looking to move anytime soon.

Use social media to find best cheap movers

Presence on the internet and social media is the sign that the company is trying to present itself as reputable and reliable. If the company is using social media, it means that they want to create and keep customers loyal. Even if you cannot trust everything on social media you can find lots of information about the company. In the comments. You can learn if they are trying to fix the complaints the customer is having and if they are not, don’t do business with them.

You can test those companies by contacting them over social media. If they reply quickly it means that they are committed to their jobs and their customers. And if they have a lot of negative comments that should be a warning sign and you should think twice before hiring them. But as we mentioned, make sure you can recognize fake reviews as well.

Think about their skills

One of the very first things you need to think about when looking for cheap movers is if they are skilled enough for the job. A lot of cheap moving companies out there do not have the necessary skills to organize a relocation. If they lack packing skills then you will certainly have a hard time. Especially if you are moving some expensive items. This is where you can use the vast database when gathered here on USA Moving ReviewsWith our help, you can find reliable and affordable movers for your relocation. It doesn’t matter the size or the distance of the move. Our mission is to help you find the best movers for your move.

a couple learning how to find cheap movers
One of the guidelines on how to find cheap movers is to ask them about their experience and skills

Affordable residential movers are closer than you think

When you need to move your home, you will have a lot of preparations to do. First things first, you will need to purge your home from any excess items you have. And you can do it in a couple of ways. Decide whether you want to give away your items, throw them away, or sell. The last one helps you get some extra cash you will need for your relocation.

a couple high five
You don’t have to worry about your relocation if you let us help you find residential movers

You can use that extra cash for different moving services. But in this case, you can use it so better to prepare for the move. Especially if you are moving your home. This is where you can relly on all of the above-mentioned tips and tricks because they can help you find the best residential moving companies reviews you can read. Based on that, you can find your movers with ease.

The pros for hiring cheap movers

According to the American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA)the number of Americans who moved their home in 2015-2016 is 35.1 million or 11.2 % of the whole population. The moving business is big and an economy based on these numbers can thrive. That’s why there are so many companies competing with each other for the piece of the cake. This is also why you can find cheap movers that you can count on. Here is a couple of reasons why you should hire movers:

  • It saves you the time and the trouble of packing things yourself. They can do it faster.
  • It saves you from heavy lifting because they will do it for you.
  • Cheap movers assume the responsibility for your stuff.
  • You don’t have to find friends who will help you move and you don’t have to depend on them.

Call in an estimate

The next thing you will want to do is to contact the moving company and arrange for a moving estimate. There are, again, some red flags that you should watch out for. First, take note of how professional the movers seem while talking to you on the phone. This can tell you a lot about the service they will offer, and how much they value their customers. Next, be wary of how they deal with moving estimates. What you need to request is for an estimator to come to your home and look through your stuff. Do not go with online estimators. How can someone figure out exactly how much stuff you have without seeing your home?

There is so much useful information that can be found online. This is a tool you should use when you are searching for cheap movers. If there are some local companies in your neighborhood start by checking out their websites first. When you get the general feel of the companies you checked call them and ask around about all the positive and negative reviews you’ve seen. Then you can request moving quotes and in home-estimates from different companies.

There are some hidden traps

When you see what they are offering you can choose the one closest to your budget. But be wary of some estimates that are too low because some companies may try to trick you into a contract and then stack up additional expenses later. Avoid those companies if you get a feeling that they are running some shady operation.

A calculator.
Figure out how much your move will cost.

When the estimator comes, it is important to take note of how professionally he behaves. Is he thorough in his estimate, or just running through your stuff? Even though an estimate is a great way to find cheap movers, you do not want someone just eyeballing your stuff, giving you a number, and then charging you extra during the move. Just like you will want to make sure you buy only professional packing supplies, you also want to know your workers are professional too. The moving company representative is a great way to judge this.

Look for the qualities of reliable movers

When searching for cheap movers you should understand mover’s contracts and paperwork. Licensed movers will always take better care of your staff than unlicensed ones because they got something to lose. If you want to be sure that they have moving insurance you can ask them for a Certificate of insurance as proof they are insured. You can also ask them about the form of payment because reliable movers will accept multiple forms of payments.

If a mover is asking for cash only or if he is asking a large deposit upfront, then you should be careful because you might be dealing with less than reputable company. Last but not least, get an accurate quote, and get it in writing. Once you have it in writing it cannot deviate higher than 10% than the original quoted cost.

Figure out other ways in which you can save money

Finances are always a great factor when you are choosing a moving company. By some estimates, the average cost of a local move is $1,250. The average cost of a long-distance move is even higher: $4,890. When you are trying to learn how to find cheap movers you should always look for factors that are affecting the cost of the move. The first thing you should take into consideration is the size of your move. The more stuff you carry the greater the cost. Also, travel fees, or moving dates, because a weekend move or a move during peak season can dramatically increase the price.

Also, packing and unpacking services can pump up the price if you decide that you need this type of service. If there is some furniture that needs disassembling, you should consider doing it yourself because this service also can bring the price up.

Pile of coins.
Calculate the costs of moving

Finally, to find affordable movers, you can also figure out other ways in which you can earn some money. You can save money after the move or before it – with some careful planning. First, before you move, you can hold a yard sale to get rid of the extra stuff you have. This is good for two reasons.

First, you will be earning some extra money that you can spend on the move. Secondly, you will end up having less stuff for your movers to carry – thus you will get a cheaper move. This is also the time to decide what kind of furniture you want. For example, you can sell your old sofa and get a new but cheaper one. Get creative with this and you will be saving money in no time!

Social media symbols. Using social media is one of the smartes ways to find cheap movers.

Finding cheap movers done right

Although it might seem difficult, taking the right steps will make finding cheap movers easy. All you need to do is take time to plan it all out and to believe that the effort you make will give you a result. Calculate how much it costs to move and find ways to save money. Read everything about moving companies you are interested to hire on their websites and social media profiles. Compare them and find the one that suits you the most. You will feel happy when you realize that your right choice of moving company has saved your money and your nerves.

If you want to know how to find cheap movers then you will need to spend some time researching. Especially if you have some expensive items to move. Luckily for you, our guidelines are here to help you with your relocation. After you are done reading our article, you will have a good idea of where and how to look for affordable movers for your relocation. Do you still have some questions? No worries! We are here to tell you everything you need to know about your move. Feel free to leave your questions in the comment section and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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