Let’s face it – moving can get pretty expensive. Sometimes it’s just not about how many things you have, but how much they weight or how much space they take up. Because of this, there are countless guides online on how you can save money while moving. This is a logical goal for everyone that plans to move, though. People will try to make the move easier on their wallet, or try to find some shortcuts to it. One of the best ways, though, is to simply find cheap movers. Professional movers can not only help you – they can make your life really easier during the move. While they pack up and transport your things, you can focus on chores like canceling the utilities or finishing the paperwork. On the other hand, finding bad movers will just make your life more difficult. Find out how to find and hire good and cheap movers in this article.

Start by asking around

One of the first things you can do is simply ask around. There are people around you who might have moved quite recently. These can be within your family, or some of your friends or colleges. Even if no one has moved, they maybe know someone who has. Getting in touch with these people will help you find local specialists for your upcoming move. They can also give you a lot of useful information about the moving company they used. Maybe they can tell you great stuff, or that you should stay away from those movers. You will not know until you ask.

People talking over coffee.
People you know can help you in your search.

A thing to remember is not just to ask which moving company they used, but also about the experience they had. Don’t ask them broad questions like whether or not they were happy. Instead, focus on the details. What is one thing they would change about their moving company? Were the movers polite and efficient? Was something damaged during the move and how long did the transport take? You can also ask them about the cost of the move – if they are willing to share it. How else will you find cheap movers if not by asking about this?

Find cheap movers by searching online

If you are just not able to get in touch with people who moved recently, then it’s time to hit the Internet. There is so much useful information you can find online – and where to find cheap movers is one of these. First, start by finding websites that give you local moving companies. Then, go to various reliable review websites and browse for the said company. You will want to get a general gist of who the company is before you even call it. You don’t want to waste time talking to a moving company that people are only complaining about, right?

Google can help you find cheap movers.
Find movers online.

When looking into reviews, there are certain things you need to be aware of. Sometimes, fraudulent movers will find a way to trick the system. They will, in turn, end up only with amazing five-star reviews. If something seems fishy to you – then it probably is. Keep in mind that it is perfectly normal for a company to have a handful of unsatisfied clients if it has worked for years. However, if there is a trend of negative reviews, make sure you talk to the moving company about the problem they mention. Maybe they used to do something wrong but have fixed this in the meantime. It is important to address your worries before you start to calculate the cost of your Brooklyn move.

Call in an estimate

The next thing you will want to do is to contact the moving company and arrange for a moving estimate. There are, again, some red flags that you should watch out for. First, take note of how professional the movers seem while talking to you on the phone. This can tell you a lot about the service they will offer, and how much they value their customers. Next, be wary of how they deal with moving estimates. What you need to request is for an estimator to come to your home and look through your stuff. Do not go with online estimators. How can someone figure out exactly how much stuff you have without seeing your home?

A calculator.
Figure out how much your move will cost.

When the estimator comes, it is important to take note of how professionally he behaves. Is he thorough in his estimate, or just running through your stuff? Even though an estimate is a great way to find cheap movers, you do not want someone just eyeballing your stuff, giving you a number and then charging you extra during the move. Just like you will want to make sure you buy only professional packing supplies, you also want to know your workers are professional too. The moving company representative is a great way to judge this.

Figure out other ways in which you can save money

Finally, in order to find cheap movers, you can also figure out other ways in which you can earn some money. You can save money after the move or before it – with some careful planning. First, before you move, you can hold a yard sale to get rid of the extra stuff you have. This is good for two reasons. First, you will be earning some extra money that you can spend on the move. Secondly, you will end up having less stuff for your movers to carry – thus you will get a cheaper move. This is also the time to decide what kind of furniture you want. For example, you can sell your old sofa and get a new but cheaper one. Get creative with this and you will be saving money in no time!

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