Documents for business relocation fall into two types. One has to do with the paperwork related to the actual move. The other type is similar to household relocation. Even though a business move, while being on a bigger scale, is very similar to the standard household move. For this reason, here are all the essential business relocation documents you should have listed here on USA Moving Reviews. 

Bill of Lading 

One of the most important business relocation documents is the Bill of Lading. This is due to the fact that the Bill of Lading is a contract that binds the moving company and you. It will contain all the necessary moving information, including the following. 

  • Your moving costs 
  • The starting point and destination of your move 
  • An estimate 
  • Payment information 

    pen and paper
    Make sure to check if you have documents about insurance

Documents about your insurance 

The moving insurance is another document you should have. Simply put, moving your business will cause you a great deal of worry. In fact, the likelihood that anything will go wrong during the transit increases with the size of the relocation. Therefore, it is smart to purchase moving insurance to prevent that and help you manage the stress of relocating. In the event of any damages, you will at least be able to receive some compensation. 

Essential business relocation documents include Articles of incorporation or Organization 

You will need to make certain changes to the paperwork to register your company if you move from one state to another. These will either be articles of incorporation or articles of organization, depending on whether your company is a corporation or an LLC. These papers are submitted to the state secretary of the jurisdiction in which your company is located. 

Documents about inspection 

Some companies will only be moving the usual office materials. However, some people could be dealing with biohazards or hazardous substances. Depending on the particular items, they will need to undergo specialized checks before the relocation. Specific industrial relocation could be something that some movers do in order to help clients pass these inspections. In any case, it will be important to keep the inspection document close to you. This is especially important if your items end up being seized. 

a notebook and pen
You should also have documents about an inspection if you are moving dangerous items

The lease of your new office space 

The lease for your new office space will be another important piece of the company relocation paperwork. It will be necessary for a number of registration-related reasons. Additionally, it will assist you in setting up utilities in your new workplace and preventing any productivity loss. Basically, the lease will demonstrate that your company has a new location. 

All the important documents 

As you can see, these would be all the essential business relocation documents. Make sure to have them ready before your relocation. In addition to this, do not forget to make copies just in case something happens to the originals. Lastly, keep all the documents next to you during the entire relocation. 

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