You have already heard that it is important to check the company you want to hire for your moving day. But, the question is how to check a moving company? Nowadays, many people use the internet to get the information they want. Fortunately and unfortunately, at the same time, there is plenty of information you can find. Also, you can find fake online moving reviews and real ones. Here are some very useful tips to recognize them and to choose a perfect moving company for you.

Fake online moving reviews are overly positive

To be honest, there is not a perfect moving company or any different type of company. You can not satisfy everyone, for sure. There will always be unsatisfied clients no matter how much the company is reliable and experienced. If something is too good to be true, then probably it is not true, unfortunately. Also, pay attention to:

  • Comments about the price of the service they offer. If the reviews are all about their cheap (and cheapest) service, it can be a fraud.
  • Fake online moving reviews can be also about their expensive service. You do not have to pay a lot of money (more than usual) on moving.
  • On the other hand, check why their service is that cheap. Can they give you the service they offer? Recognize a moving scam and avoid a big moving mistake by paying attention to the price of service.
Do not fall on too positive comments and reviews. There is no perfect company which can do everything.

Also, they are overly negative too

If you see only negative online moving reviews, it can be fake too. How? Competition is important when you run a business. There are maybe dishonest moving companies that want to ruin other company reputation. If the reviews contain offensive language, they may be fake.

Competition is big, so there are companies that want to sabotage them.

Too many details

If you have moved before, can you remember worker’s name? Most people are too occupied to remember all the names and other information that day. Also, past customers will summarize a move in a sentence or two. They will write about the most important facts about moving company and their employees and service. Almost no one will write an essay about their moving day. For example, if you find a description when the movers came exactly and how the weather was that day, it is probably fake.

Same sentence structure

Fake online moving reviews are often written by the same person. So, that means they will have the same structure and style. If you notice repetitive language, there are big chances it is fake. Pay attention to compliments, if they are the same, you will know that it is fake. It does no matter how hard we try to change our style for writing, a part of it will stay. Also, when clients want to write a review, he or she will use simple language to describe them. Unusual words are characteristic of fake online reviews.

Date of posting

As we said before, usually one person is writing these fake online moving reviews or any different type of online reviews. So, pay attention to the date when the reviews are posted on the website. No matter if it is negative or positive comments it might be a sign that you have found red flags. If you see reviews that are posted in a range of a few days or hours, and after that, there are no reviews for months, beware because it is suspicious.

A calendar.
Check a date of posting online moving reviews. It can tell a lot.

How to be sure about online moving reviews?

Now, there is a questing how to sure when reading online moving reviews and what to look for? Well, there are some simple tips to find out the truth about the moving company you want to hire before it is too late.

  • Do not read them on one website. A good moving company and real online moving reviews will be on different sites. Research on multiple websites for moving companies to be sure they are honest and real.
  • The USDOT number is a must for moving companies that offer interstate relocations. You can check USDOT number easy and fast. Here should be all the information you need about a moving company you want to hire for your relocation.
  • And, of course, by following these steps before. Pay attention to each detail because even the smallest mistake can cost you a lot. It is one of the most important steps when searching for a moving company.

How to choose the best and reliable moving company?

Besides searching for online moving reviews, there are some other important steps when looking for a reputable moving company. Get recommendations from your friends and family who have moved before. And when you find a moving company you like, ask them for referrals and check them. Better safe than sorry, and it will not take you a lot of time. Even if it does, it is worth it definitely. At the FMCSA’s site, you can find information about license and insurance of any moving company. Do not hire a mover without these documents,

Reading fake reviews on lap top.
If you are not prepared properly for your moving, you might be a victim of fraud.

If you do not know to recognize fake online moving reviews, you have more chances to be scammed, unfortunately. That is how is important to spot these details when doing research. Even if you think it is not that important, it is. You cannot give your belongings to anybody. By learning how to recognize fake online reviews, you will have a smooth move, for sure.

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