When thinking about growing cities, people usually think about growing places around metro areas. The truth is that the pandemic brought unexpected changes to the way people are thinking. Not only move they towards large cities, but also smaller ones are flourishing. The same case is happening to Colorado. There are seven cities in this area which are not only the fastest-growing in Colorado. They are among other fifty cities in the entire states proudly bearing the mark as boomtowns. On the website USA Moving Reviews you can read a lot and learn some useful information on the American cities that are rapidly growing. You may ask is it good or bad if the area is growing fastly. We can say it really depends on what you are looking for. In this article, read and learn about the fastest growing cities In Colorado. Then you can choose yours.

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Which is the fastest growing city in Colorado in 2021?

Data say that Denver is definitely the biggest city in Colorado. But according to the statistics, John ranks among the fastest-growing cities in Colorado. If you have some friends living in this city and know its spirit, you are probably not surprised to find this out. In 2010 the population of this city was a bit above 8000. Today it numbers around 15,000 souls. The average income for a family living in John is around $100,000 to $149,999. If you read Colorado moving company reviews you will notice that about 6,254 people moved here in the past few years. In addition, this city has the highest level of education for people above 25 years. John ranks 36. place as the cheapest cities to live in. As a result, Coloradans marked this place as one of the best to raise a family with small children.

Some other fastest growing cities In Colorado

We cannot skip Denver when talking about fast-growing Colorado areas. Only in 2020, the city population grew by 115,364 people. Denver is the 19th largest city in the US. Another very interesting city that grows fastly is Timnath.

buildings in Denver
There are many fast growing cities in Colorado

There are numerous reasons that make one city flourishing. Of course, cities are becoming popular for millennials for the fast-growing universities. In addition, there is a low level of unemployment which can be attractive for young, fresh graduates or young businessmen. Among some of the best places in Colorado where many young people decide to move some ten cities which we will also present. These are the busy metro areas that people like to move to:

  • Wellington with a population of 9,272 people
  • Colorado Springs grew by 62,534 people
  • Fort Collins population of 169,810 people
  • Thornton population grew by  141,867 people
  • Broomfield with 74,112 citizens
  • Arvada grew by 17,969 people
  • Greeley with a population of 108,795 in 2020

Reasons Colorado cities are getting popular

There are many states in the US and certainly, people choose them for different reasons depending on personal wishes. However, there are some general rules why people like to like some cities more than others.

people hiking
People move to Colorado cities for different reasons

Usually, those reasons are affordability, safety, good job market. In addition, nature lovers would choose those cities where they can spend a lot of time in nature. Cities can grow for many different reasons. Also, there are smaller and cheaper cities in Colorado that are becoming popular. Denver suburb is one of them in Federal Heights. Then come Broomfield, Douglas, Mineral, etc. In these places due to the diversity of people living here, you can get to know different cultures. In addition, you can taste different food which is not expensive. Finally, people with families are looking for good schools. Schools in Colorado are among the best in the nation.

Colorado fun

Is Colorado popular for fun and do people move here to enjoy and not just work? The answer is very simple. If you are a lover of skiing, fishing, hiking, and other outdoor activities then this is the place for you. Or just say the Rocky Mountains. Boulder also popular as the gateway to the Rocky Mountains, is one of the best places to live in the state. It really has great schools and a low crime rate. The most popular here is the University of Colorado. In Castle Rock, you will have non-stop shopping and dining. Other popular and fun Colorado places are Louisville small, cozy setting for families, then Pueblo with very low living costs and great recreational opportunities. Vail is an expensive skiing spot to live in, but you can come and enjoy skiing here. Finally, Fort Collins, a place with a lot of fun for students.

Enjoying art and getting to know the history

The first thing we usually consider when talking about flourishing cities is usually the job market, prices of living, location, etc. And this is all very important. After all, these are some of the main reasons people decide to move to a certain city. However, it really isn’t all about money, is it? One city is growing as its culture is growing as well. In Colorado, there is, first of all, a rich art history. In addition, there are numerous museums and art galleries all around the state. For example, Fort Garland Museum & Cultural Center, El Pueblo History Museum, Ute Indian Museum, etc. In addition, there are great and popular historical places that make the state even more popular. Montview Boulevard Presbyterian Church, State Bank of Raymer, Deatherage/Gibbs Place, and many other historical spots.

The past two years of the pandemic have brought lots of changes in world migration. Many cities are becoming more popular every day as they attract young people looking for some interesting and good job. In addition, people with children might choose nowadays to raise their kids in smaller cities. But one thing is for sure. There are some of fastest growing cities In Colorado which you should consider moving to. If you are a fan of nature move to Boulder and make the Rocky mountains your new home. Also, move to some of the cheapest cities in the states. Whatever you choose, make sure to balance fan and work and to enjoy life.

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