So, moving day is fast approaching. You’ve found a reputable moving company, you’ve either packed yourself or had them pack you, all’s good. But, you want to help your movers! Not only is that a good gesture, but a financially sound one. After all, if you’re paying the movers by the hour, and you’ve saved them an hour of work, you’re saving money! Who doesn’t like saving money? Of course, the movers won’t mind doing these things themselves. That is literally their job. But if you’re interested in saving money, read on.

A lot of families wonder how best to help movers. After all, they are seasoned professionals. They have a system in place to handle things. Maybe they should be left on their own? While, yes, you shouldn’t be in their way, or micromanaging them, you can still help. Well, the important thing is to know how to help them in a way they will appreciate! This doesn’t involve hauling things onto the moving truck by yourself at all, but smaller gestures. The movers will appreciate it, even if they do not say it. Little things that help them do their jobs smoothly, like labeling fragile boxes thoroughly and not packing heavy items in big boxes.

Help your movers by disconnecting all your appliances beforehand

A tangled web of cords is basically a household staple at this point. Everyone has a mess of cables somewhere, be it the TV, the gaming console, or the computer tower. They’re difficult to untangle. And when you’ve hired movers, time is money! So, save that money by untangling that yourself, and sorting it easy for reconnecting later. Label the bags, and take a picture of where they go when you decide to plug them back in your new place.

A bunch of multi colored network cables, that should be untangled if you want to help your movers.
Help your movers, and more importantly, yourself, by getting your cables in order.

Moving a washer and dryer is very difficult. In fact, this is the main reason people tend to include it in selling their house! Moving a washer and dryer has several steps, and sometimes your movers can’t even help you because of liability reasons. Check if that is the case, and if it is, make sure to handle it before moving day.

And if that’s the case, what should you do?

Washers have a tendency to be less than clean, so turn on an empty washing machine on a rinse cycle to take care of that, then dry it with the door open. You need to shut off the water vales, then vacuum the dryer’s lint trap. That doesn’t sound too bad, right? Well, then you get into disconnecting and securing the washer drum, as well as disconnecting all the water and power going to the washing machine. If your dryer runs on gas, that also means disconnecting gas. Many people choose to hire professionals specifically to do that, just because of how damaging it would be to make a mistake. It’s a whole process, and so it should be done in advance!

Also, make sure to deep clean and defrost the freezer and fridge beforehand too. In a lot of states, movers legally can’t transport perishables! That includes frozen food, so eat all you can, and then either donate it or give it to the neighbors. You can also use it to throw a big farewell party before moving!

Help your movers by knowing what they can and cannot bring

Nothing is more stressful than a misunderstanding due to misinformation. You can help prevent that by looking up what you can and can’t move. Did you know the movers can’t move plants to a lot of states? If you have a huge potted plant collection, that might come as a surprise blow on moving day. See if you can move them yourself instead. Other things the movers cannot bring include perishables, flammable materials, guns and explosives, pets, the list goes on. Don’t forget, making a moving inventory will definitely help clear this up. Ask your professional movers for advice on that.

A woman with her head in her hands, staring at a laptop and notebook.
Make a list, and check it twice. This will definitely help your movers in knowing what they’re moving!


Are you bringing your lawn-mower? A leaf-blower? A snow-mobile? The movers can’t transport it with a full tank of gas! These instructions for storing your lawn mower include instructions on taking the gas out so they can be safely moved. However, the movers most likely won’t take your propane tanks, even if they’re definitely empty. Consider leaving them where they are, or giving them to someone.

Help your movers by clearly marking what they’re not actually bringing with them

Maybe you’ve heard of the essentials bag. It’s a very simple concept, useful no matter if you’re packing efficiently or hiring a packing service. But, making an essentials bag is no good if it accidentally ends up on the moving truck, right? So, dedicate some well-marked space to put all the things you don’t actually want to be loaded on the truck. This can be a kitchen counter, or a space in a room, as long as it is well marked and you tell the movers.

Ready to move?
  • Make sure any medicine is there.
  • Important documents such as passports, prescriptions, driving licenses should all be there.
  • This is especially important if you’ve sold some items at your old place. Imagine the hassle of mailing it back!
  • Any important documents should definitely be there so they do not get lost in the move.
  • This also includes expensive jewelry, especially if you haven’t bought the heftier insurance package. It’s far more prudent to carry that yourself. Imagine losing your heirloom necklace because of human error!
  • This is especially important and will be helping the movers if you’ve hired a packing service.
  • Any chargers, no matter if phone or laptop – this ties in neatly to the essentials bag, which should also have a good change of clothes and a toothbrush.

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