It is not easy to estimate house moving service costs. There are a lot of reasons why is final price higher than you have expected. However, you can choose the right moving company on USA Moving Reviews and make your prediction with the professionals.

What affects the price?

You can easily estimate the price of moving knowing the features that affect the price. It is for sure that you will need to organize relocation in a way that makes your moving faster and easier.

  • You can be sure that the house moving service cost is not high after the calculating all features that are included in the price;
  • If you chose the right moving company on Dallas moving company reviews you will pay less for better conditions;
  • Learn which features affect the price and estimate the cost of moving in your case.
calculating house moving service costs
House moving service costs depend on the services you require


The first that will affect the price of moving is the distance and destination of moving. It is for sure that moving company has to organize moving differently if you will move to another state, on long-distance or to crowdy places. In some cases, a moving company that you have found on moving companies in CT reviews can recommend the right date for moving, or choose a different vehicle and the driver. All could affect the price.


Not only that you will pay more for a long-distance move, but you will also need to plan a higher price for some parts of the state. The reason is the situation at the destination. There are places where you will need to pay higher prices if the destination has special rules for parking or crowd. Companies cannot plan fast and easy move if do not know how long they will stay at the destination, due to looking for parking, for example. Before moving make the ultimate long distance moving day checklist.


The moving company will charge differently if have a few boxes and furniture to pack and transport and much more if has large pieces of furniture. They will need to hire more workers for more pieces of furniture, and you cannot expect a lower price in that case. However, a good moving company makes the calculation that is firstly favorable for you.

Moving supplies

Like in the previous case, the company will need to prepare much more packages and boxes to pack your items in large homes. In that way, you will pay more for moving. Also, they will charge more if need to prepare special packing materials or materials that protect valuable and sensitive items. You should calculate these costs in your final price.

money and calculator
If you estimate moving costs right, you can save money

How high house moving service cost could be?

Taking all in mind we can estimate the average number of moving costs. However, this is only a round number, while the precise cost could give to you only in the company.

Which are average prices

It is hard to predict the round price for moving, but it could be average for some types of moving. The price for an average home is around $1,000, while a large three-bedroom home could cost $4,000. It all depends on the moving company and other conditions. However, you can estimate house moving service costs by using calculators on companies’ sites.


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