People ask why to tip movers after moving. They have the salary, right? If you have planned a long-distance move, you surely have a high price to pay for it. So, for many people paying something above the scheduled cost sounds as unexpected costs. However, as in many other situations when you want to reward a person who helped you, you should consider tipping workers after moving.

  • People who provide services cannot know if you are satisfied with the job they have done – so show them by rewarding them with (small amount of) money;
  • Maybe they worked longer than they have planned – you should be thankful for that, too;
  • Not every moving is the same – perhaps they have a heavy load to carry;
  • There are situations when your moving company has to carry particular types of load or pay attention to fragile or special kinds of furniture, so you should also thank them for that;
  • After moving you should estimate the behavior of the workers – if they were professional, on time and interested in your moving, you should show that you are thankful for that.

People also worry if they have additional costs and how to plan a budget for moving. It should be easy, though. With service that moving companies have on their sites, you can calculate your free moving quote. After that, you can precisely calculate how much to pay for workers after moving. They will be pleased with that, and you will show that you are thankful for their effort.

A clock and a money showes that time is money and you should tip movers if they do their job on time
You should reward movers if they have finished a job on time

How much to tip movers after moving?

That is the first question that people ask when they have planned to tip movers. You surely do not want to give them a second salary for that month. On the other hand, you do not want to offend them with a small amount of money. So, be smart, do not be cheap, but also not too generous. Keep in mind that they have already got their salary. That is your gift and sign of thankfulness. Thankfully, there are few tips on how to calculate a sum that you should give to the workers.

There is a precise formula to calculate how much to tip movers

Believe you or not, people already have calculated how much you should tip your movers. The collective sum is 15-20% of the final cost of the job. In some cases, like short distance moving, companies like those you can find on USA Moving Reviews site will charge a low price, so calculating for that situation is easier.

You should calculate differently in other situations

There are situations when the formula above does not work. With long-distance moving, you will pay a much higher amount of money. Calculating the percent of that sum ends with the also high quantity that you should pay for tipping. In that case, rely on simpler formula. You can give 5-8% per worker and per hour of work. In most cases, it will be around $50 per worker. You decide how much you will finally pay, depending on distance and unique circumstances they had to adjust to.

Money and a calculator
There is a standard formula for calculating how much to give as a tip

When to tip movers after moving?

Believe you or not, this is also an essential question for everybody who does not gives tips often. If you tip your movers too soon, it looks like you just want to get rid of this unpleasant obligation. On the contrary, if you give it too late, the workers could think that you are not sure that they earned tips. So, you should estimate the situation and give a tip at the right moment.

Give something in advance

Although tipping presumes rewarding of the workers after moving, it is good to pay something in advance. In that case, workers will know that you will tip them later. It could affect their service. The rest of the sum you have prepared to tip workers you can give after the job is finished. It is suitable for communication between you and your workers, too.

Do not tip only foreman or driver

One of the most common mistakes that people do when tip movers are to give the whole sum to the foreman or driver. It means that you are thankful only to the driver while other workers have not done anything. If you want to show gratitude, give money to each worker separately.

There are great ways to show that you are thankful besides the money

You heard well; do not give money every time. You can tip movers with small signs of care, so they will know that you are thankful. Most of the time, workers will be happy to have refreshment and food during moving. Do not forget that even your help means that you understand their effort and care. Tipping is some kind of life philosophy; you can learn that skill and become gallant in many other situations.

You can give them refreshments

Although prepared for a job, every worker will be thankful for drink or food during moving. If you have not planned to spend the whole day with them, simply bring them pizza for dinner. Also, ask them which drink they would prefer most and serve them later.

Never give to your worker’s alcohol

People in moving companies know that they should not accept alcoholic beverages during work. Associations that support moving companies also strictly forbid consuming alcohol during moving. That presumes a beer, too. So, do not put the workers in an unpleasant situation. Many non-alcohol drinks can show your gratitude.

Although money changes everything, you can use other ways to reward your movers

Helping is also a way to tip movers

Every help to your movers is good and helpful. You can pack small items or help with putting the boxes in the truck. Also, you can prepare a room for relaxing, so they can eat or drink there in pause. Keep in mind that packing and loading truck could take longer than you have planned.

Leave good review

Every company loves to see that their customers are satisfied. It also worth for workers. They would be thankful if you say word or two to their bosses. It is also a way to tip movers after moving. You will show that they have done a great job and they will maybe get promotion thanks to that.

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