Knowing how to avoid moving scams can prove invaluable for your move! Some moving companies will just take your money and never do anything. In any case, we have prepared a short guide to help you with this issue! There are some simple steps you need to do to make this work. So, without any further ado, let us dive straight in!

Avoid moving scams – tips

There are some tips to avoid moving scams and to choose the right local moving company. You can see them in the following:

  • Read moving reviews. Most reputable moving companies have good moving reviews on the Internet. They are not faked and the comments are different in both style and topic. Sometimes, it is not easy to find a good moving company based on the reviews only, but what if you do not have a choice? Learn to differentiate between fake comments and real ones. In most cases, you will be able to see the difference.
  • Ask your friends and family for help. You can also ask your friends and family for help with this topic. In most cases, they will be experienced when moving companies are concerned. Thus, you can see if a moving company is trying to scam you or not. Furthermore, your friends and family only wish the best for you, so they will be honest. Listen to their advice. This is only one of the ways to make sure a moving company is legitimate.
Keep track of a moving company and refer to it before making a decision!
Make sure to read a lot of guides and keep track of anything suspicious you find!

Keep this in mind

There are some things to keep in mind tho. Nothing can ever guarantee that a moving company will be legitimate 100%. The only way is to find a moving company with the smallest chance of tricking you. Also, keep in mind that a moving company will never charge you upfront! This is the policy of most moving companies – both to ensure you about the legitimacy of their service and to show professionalism. Of course, you will discuss the approximate price upfront, but no payment should be done prior to getting the job done.

If you are not sure about a moving company, you can do the move on your own. Browse Amazon for moving/packing supplies and try to do it alone. However, we do not recommend doing everything alone when relocation is concerned. Try to find a good moving company and to avoid moving scams!

Avoid moving scams – can you always be sure?

The problem with this is the same as for everything else – what can you be absolutely sure in when it comes to business relationships? Pretty much, you will have to rely on the information you get and to trust your instinct. The same goes for moving companies, trust your instincts all the time!

Trust your friends and family when moving companies are concerned. Chances are they know something more than you!
Your friends can help you choose the best moving company!


Overall, sometimes it is not easy to avoid moving scams. However, do not let that discourage you! Check a lot of reviews, a lot of options and ask around! Chances are you will find what you are looking for! We wish you all the best in finding the best moving company!

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